Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Zaful Holiday Dresses

It's officially holiday party season and most likely you got your social  calendar full with all the soirees and shindigs and even wedding-related events (yes, here it is quite popular!) I know sometimes it's easy to reach out for the usual little black dress (LBDs) but here below I present to you the party silhouettes that are stylish and celebrity-approved? Here are the five types of dresses you can pick from and I've sourced from Zaful. :)

The Sparkly Dress
Coz what's a holiday party without something sparkly? ;)

The Sheer Dress

A popular red carpet choice.

The Slip Dress
Very on-the-moment and can easily be dressed up and down.

The Maxi Dress

Perfect for more formal events, a wedding perhaps?

The Fringe Dress

The ultimate party frock! Bonus points if it has sequins in it. ;)

So what's your favorite from these party silhouettes?

Monday, November 28, 2016

Rosegal Christmas Big Promotion

Time flies by reallly faasssstt!!! Is it gonna be December in two days already?!?! Next thing we know it's the long holidays and then BAM! Summer season! Yes, let's fast forward to the main purpose of this post right? Lol!

This realization needs to be stressed more than ever because admit or not, it's very hard to prepare for a summer body! Lol! And in my case, it'll come a bit early because of an upcoming cruise sometime in January. *panics*

So to prepare for that, I have already made my swimwear wishlist from Rosegal since I learned that they have a wide-range of swimwear styles that will fit every body frame. Consider it, a vision board! If you have this vision, you know exactly how to work on while visualizing you wearing their pieces. Haha! To let you have an idea, I have included here three items that I think stood out from the rest of their collection (but there's about 3000 styles, mind you! )

If ever you're wondering why this swimwear looks familiar, it is because the style was launched by the Jenners. But in an affordable price, yeah? ;)

This might be in my wishlist forever because I think that my body frame can't carry this but I love it anyway.

Because I'm a fan of anything sheer and see-throughs. Lol! This two-piece item is a winner!

You should totes check out their pieces now while they're still having their promotion. :)

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sponsored: Athleisure ala G

Just in case you haven't realized it yet, athleisure is alive and well and is here to stay. It’s now the cool It-girl style. While the debate is still on whether leggings are acceptable to be worn as pants, we look at one master of athleisure who’s fighting the good fight on making them acceptable – Queen G.

But how do we make our exercise gears in leggings totally elevated? It’s been proven that stylish gym wear can be the key to a great workout. Of course we turn to her inspiring ensembles and break down some pointers.

First look: It’s all about the bag. By adding a simple structured purse into your athleisure mix, you bring an extra ounce of polish to your look as demonstrated by G her. I also like the way she wrapped the cardigan around her waist. Obvs, G won the athleisure game here, style slam dunk! ;)

Second look: The bomber. I myself in the past had my second thoughts about the longevity of this trend so whether to invest in a piece or not was a crucial question for me. However, the answer came when Dresslily offered me an opportunity to choose an item from their jacket collection and I just really had to test drive the trend.

Also, you have to admit that it's very hard to resist owning a piece especially when you see how cool it looks when worn by Gigi and Kendall. Like hello, when was the time they look otherwise? *roll eyes* Lol!

Well, if you're not sure about how long this trend will last, the key here is to invest in cheaper pieces like Dresslily's piece below:

At such an affordable price, you can always look cool like Queen G below. ;)

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sponsored: Red Bag and Camel Coat

In this time we live in, the fashion rule about matching your shoes and bag already sounds outdated. As they say, fashion is not about the rules, it's about breaking them. But if  you carefully think about it, there's a reason why it was also invented. Though I like it mix-n-matched, I'm also a big fan of coordinating and the whole color scheme thing. And it just so happened that I have these two red pumps that I need to pair with a bag.

So when Dezzal offered me an opportunity to look at their products, I just had to look at their amazing bag collection. They seriously have a lot of bags that I am in love with! As expected, it was very hard to choose from their 2000+ styles but in the end I settled for something that I need as of the moment. So in the end, I settled for this metal chains lock crossbody bag in red leather.

For someone like me who carries a lot of stuff, it's a wonder how I am so into small mini bags. Haha! But since it is already expected for me to have a bigger bag (gym instructor necessity), I can always have a backup storage as long as the main bag could contain my phone and a few makeup tools for retouching purposes. 

To make the story short, this bag certainly fulfilled my needs in life. Lol! I like how it is made plain with the gold chain and hasp closure. And how I can create a plain two tone look using black and red in the picture below.

Or actually, make it more neutral with the addition of this camel coat from Dezzal's sister company - Dresslily. You may have also seen my feature of their amazing coats in this previous post.

As briefly explained in another post, there's a reason why camel is the signature shade of a chic trench coat (hello Burberry!). It can easily be matched with any color and will never go out of style. All the same, Dresslily's collection of coats also appealed to me more because my old trench coat needs a replacement. Hence, I chose to feature this double-breasted beauty from their selection.

I think the secret of this item is it's neutral hue. That gives it a well-made feel or perhaps the mere association with the aforementioned British brand who pioneered it. For whatever it is, a camel trench coat is your best layering tool to upgrade an outfit. ;)

Thank you Dezzal and Dresslily for partnering in this post. :) And I really mean it that you should check their bag and coats collection. :P 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Sammydress Super November Giveaway

As you may have known, I've worked with Sammydress before. You can find the posts here and here. :) This Black Friday, they are having a giveaway as seen below.

Now here's what you have to do. It's very simple.

Leave a comment of your favorite product's link from Sammydress in this blog post. [Tip:leave email address at the same time, greater chance to win gift card]
10 winners will be chosen to win a $100 gift card.
End Time: Nov 31        
Public Time: Dec 1-3

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Living in the Cosmic Frame

It’s #throwbackthursday! And I’ve always wanted to post my work for our last project when I took the styling workshop last year. Good excuse, no? So our instructor told us to visit this cosmic themed art gallery in Serendra, BGC and to produce a cosmic editorial inspired by it. To be honest, I didn’t go. Ssshhh. I didn’t have time so I asked my classmate to send the pics instead.

What are the words that come up to your mind when you think of that extraterrestrial vastness that we call our universe? Colorful bursts, glitters, psychedelic patterns? What with my limited time, I tried my best to apply these in my style below. And below work is based on the assumption that “life as we know it” in an intelligent form exists or will be created and reproduced on planets and stars other than our own earth.

Only rarely do you get the chance to explore a new world so buckle up for the characters  I made up that you’ll meet below. Haha.

And what did I learn from this project? That as with space explorations, the lesson is when it comes to cosmic styling, it always pays to aim high and take risks with the right combination of chutzpah, drama, science and skill. ;)

It all started when Bellatrix attended a masquerade party on a spaceship that sent her to outer space. 

Here are the characters she met in the outer space.

Cassiopeia, the superstar

Katy Prism, the entertainer

Luminara, the tribal girl

Cressida, the bounty hunter

And she returned to earth but she's never the same again.

P.S. Lame story. =)))))))))))))))

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Planning Outfit Formulas

Ask any style blogger the secret to a great outfit and you will probably get one common answer - careful planning. And planning of course always require that precious time.

Of course, allotting time differs in each situation. When I was working for Intel factory in Cavite, I would plan my entire 5-day outfit on a weekend and I think that's where this whole "theme dressing" for business trips came about. There were weeks when I would do a black and white theme, a floral theme, etc. And for those of you who are wondering why I have to plan outfits in a factory setting, let's just discuss it in a different post shall we? Haha!

If you're not a morning person like me, the best way to do it is to plan outfits the night before. Some call it the 8-hour rule. It makes sense right? Because you wouldn't wanna scramble out of bed in the morning and feel the added pressure of thinking what to wear. By allotting atleast an hour for your outfit helps you pick outfits that makes you look put together. ;)

And for those of you who were motivated to give this planning a try, here are some trickier outfit formulas that takes a little additional effort to try. Find out what and why below.

Mixed Prints

Mixing prints in any ensemble is no easy feat but is a rewarding one. If you give yourself extra minutes, you'll be able to curate an attractive mishmash that's not clashing.

As I've mentioned in this post, the safest way to do mixed prints is to start with black and white pieces. Here's a striped and splattered pattern for the color-averse out there.

Top: Maldita; Skirt: Bugis in SG (also here); Shoes: Mango
Another favorite of mine is the stripes and floral pattern. I guess seeing two example of stripes in mixing here gives you an idea that it is the easiest one to start out with too. By the way, this is also an update of an old look found here. :)

Top/ Dress: Mango; Bustier: Topshop; Shoes: Zara

Ruffled Statement Shirts

Anything that requires a lot of ironing is the perfect piece to give some attention when you have time.

Dress: Unbranded; Skirt: Zara; Shoes: Zalora; Bag: Here.

Canadian Tuxedo

This fashion phrase (I just learned recently, too) means a denim jacket and jeans combination. The ensemble below doesn't strictly apply to this though but the denim feels of the blazer and jeggings made me think this is a qualified look for this category. You gotta admit that finding the right jean pieces also takes time.

Blazer/ Pants/ Shoes: H&M; Top: Mango; Belt: Dorothy Perkins

Sunday, November 13, 2016

That Little White Dress

Although a dress that’s always associated with the summer season, this little white dress (LWD) from Zaful is still the perfect way to break the “no white after Labor Day” rule. The high neckline with lace-up details and bodycon silhouette would often suggest that this is the perfect dress for a romantic date night with an S.O but I like to shake things up a bit by wearing it in a sporty way.

For someone who has a penchant for tennis outfits, you can say that I’m always game for an LWD year-round. ;)

If I ever decide to take this dress to a formal evening, I think minimal two-strap sandals would do and pair it with this cute little handbag from Dresslily. What do you think? You will see more of this bag in the blog soon. :)

Friday, November 11, 2016

Malaysia Blues

Compared to the previous business trip, this was a rather fun one with more colleagues from work joining in and more importantly, without me getting sick. :P So it was a bit of a contrast though that I chose blues to be the theme of this particular trip and feature my patent leather ankle boots too. ;)

I also find it pretty amazing how I managed to stick to this theme scheme for all the trips this year. It can be really exhausting planning outfits mind you and I ain't sure how long can I keep up to the challenge. With that I'd like to ask myself, what am I trying to prove? Haha! Anyways, here are the looks for this trip:

Blazer/Top/Pants/Sunnies/Shoes: Mango
Dress: Dorothy Perkins; Shoes: Mango; Belt: Topman

It was also good to see this beauty again. :)

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sponsored: High Slits

Now if we're talking body! You've got the perfect legs so give me them slits. Haha! Revising lyrics, eh? Anyways, this is a refreshing welcome to this blog as I've been highlighting the shoulders since like, forever. *roll eyes* Today, these sexy pieces from one of my favorite brands Zaful got me exposing them a different body part - them gams! :D So if you've got those sculpted or miles-long legs, check these out!

This wrap dress feels on-the-moment because it combines two trends this fall: dark florals and pyjama dressing. I love how comfortable and breezy this maxi is.  I don't know about you but when I'm not in the mood for thinking about what to wear, I always reach out for my maxi dresses on weekends. The wrap-around silhouette is one of my favorite style for dresses because it sorts of defines the waist. Check it out:

If the previous maxi feels too subtle for you, this other denim number has a rather uhmm daring slit with an s! Lol. This is really an insanely sexy piece coz as you can see from the link below, you can also uhm wear it as it is without any layering piece. *gasps* But at the same time, it can be worn as a pinafore and the denim cloth means you can basically pair it with anything. Watch out this page for more styling wizardry on this dress. ;)

Friday, November 4, 2016

Wishlisting: Dezzal and Dresslily

If you're into anything trendy or have been reading this blog religiously (who does that? lol!), then by now you know that anything with circles in it is considered a key trend this season. So, when I found out Dezzal 's Thanksgiving Day Promotion, I couldn't help but fantasize about their crossbody bags with ring-like details in it. Admit it, the metal ring adds a minimal classy feel into the accessories. Check out my picks below:

One thing that I always check out when some of my favorite websites go on sale is outerwear such as jackets and trench coats. Why? Because in a tropical country like us, the outerwear mileage wouldn't be enough if you buy them in full price. :P So in that case, you should take advantage of Dresslily 's 11.11 Big Promotion. They have good selection for outerwear and it's a perfect place to shop if you are traveling somewhere wintry next year! Not saying that I am. :P For outerwear, I'm more into trench coats so here are my picks. Oooh I would just really love to have item #2 because of the on-the-moment PJ dressing going on in the western world!

Happy Shopping!!! :)

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Sponsored: Zaful Burnt Orange Maxi Dress

Did you know that brown will be the It-color of this F/W season? No? I remember during my styling workshop at SoFa when our instructor challenged us to wear something in our least favorite color. Like most of you, I came up with a closest brown color in my closet coz there’s literally nothing in pure brown in it.

Most of the style icons like Olivia Palermo have started embracing the color but for most of you who are not ready to jump into the bandwagon, how about a color that’s somewhere close to it? Like, a burnt orange perhaps? :D

Enter this gorgeous dress from Zaful. A feminine burnt orange maxi dress in a lightweight pleated fabric. This is probably my last valiant effort to hold on to the off-shoulder trend (hey, it’s the year of the shoulders!). But if you look closely at the gorgeous crocheted lace detail of the sleeves and neckline, I know you wouldn’t resist this as well. I specially love how the sleeves are draping like they are separate pieces. The best part is that it is free-flowing and billowy that simply makes you just wanna twirl in it all day long. :)

This is just one of the many dresses available at Zaful. Oh, and they’ve got cool sunnies in affordable prices too. My recent frames? This pair in irregular squares. Aren’t they just the coolest?