Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sponsored: High Slits

Now if we're talking body! You've got the perfect legs so give me them slits. Haha! Revising lyrics, eh? Anyways, this is a refreshing welcome to this blog as I've been highlighting the shoulders since like, forever. *roll eyes* Today, these sexy pieces from one of my favorite brands Zaful got me exposing them a different body part - them gams! :D So if you've got those sculpted or miles-long legs, check these out!

This wrap dress feels on-the-moment because it combines two trends this fall: dark florals and pyjama dressing. I love how comfortable and breezy this maxi is.  I don't know about you but when I'm not in the mood for thinking about what to wear, I always reach out for my maxi dresses on weekends. The wrap-around silhouette is one of my favorite style for dresses because it sorts of defines the waist. Check it out:

If the previous maxi feels too subtle for you, this other denim number has a rather uhmm daring slit with an s! Lol. This is really an insanely sexy piece coz as you can see from the link below, you can also uhm wear it as it is without any layering piece. *gasps* But at the same time, it can be worn as a pinafore and the denim cloth means you can basically pair it with anything. Watch out this page for more styling wizardry on this dress. ;)

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