Monday, November 28, 2016

Rosegal Christmas Big Promotion

Time flies by reallly faasssstt!!! Is it gonna be December in two days already?!?! Next thing we know it's the long holidays and then BAM! Summer season! Yes, let's fast forward to the main purpose of this post right? Lol!

This realization needs to be stressed more than ever because admit or not, it's very hard to prepare for a summer body! Lol! And in my case, it'll come a bit early because of an upcoming cruise sometime in January. *panics*

So to prepare for that, I have already made my swimwear wishlist from Rosegal since I learned that they have a wide-range of swimwear styles that will fit every body frame. Consider it, a vision board! If you have this vision, you know exactly how to work on while visualizing you wearing their pieces. Haha! To let you have an idea, I have included here three items that I think stood out from the rest of their collection (but there's about 3000 styles, mind you! )

If ever you're wondering why this swimwear looks familiar, it is because the style was launched by the Jenners. But in an affordable price, yeah? ;)

This might be in my wishlist forever because I think that my body frame can't carry this but I love it anyway.

Because I'm a fan of anything sheer and see-throughs. Lol! This two-piece item is a winner!

You should totes check out their pieces now while they're still having their promotion. :)

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