Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sponsored: Red Bag and Camel Coat

In this time we live in, the fashion rule about matching your shoes and bag already sounds outdated. As they say, fashion is not about the rules, it's about breaking them. But if  you carefully think about it, there's a reason why it was also invented. Though I like it mix-n-matched, I'm also a big fan of coordinating and the whole color scheme thing. And it just so happened that I have these two red pumps that I need to pair with a bag.

So when Dezzal offered me an opportunity to look at their products, I just had to look at their amazing bag collection. They seriously have a lot of bags that I am in love with! As expected, it was very hard to choose from their 2000+ styles but in the end I settled for something that I need as of the moment. So in the end, I settled for this metal chains lock crossbody bag in red leather.

For someone like me who carries a lot of stuff, it's a wonder how I am so into small mini bags. Haha! But since it is already expected for me to have a bigger bag (gym instructor necessity), I can always have a backup storage as long as the main bag could contain my phone and a few makeup tools for retouching purposes. 

To make the story short, this bag certainly fulfilled my needs in life. Lol! I like how it is made plain with the gold chain and hasp closure. And how I can create a plain two tone look using black and red in the picture below.

Or actually, make it more neutral with the addition of this camel coat from Dezzal's sister company - Dresslily. You may have also seen my feature of their amazing coats in this previous post.

As briefly explained in another post, there's a reason why camel is the signature shade of a chic trench coat (hello Burberry!). It can easily be matched with any color and will never go out of style. All the same, Dresslily's collection of coats also appealed to me more because my old trench coat needs a replacement. Hence, I chose to feature this double-breasted beauty from their selection.

I think the secret of this item is it's neutral hue. That gives it a well-made feel or perhaps the mere association with the aforementioned British brand who pioneered it. For whatever it is, a camel trench coat is your best layering tool to upgrade an outfit. ;)

Thank you Dezzal and Dresslily for partnering in this post. :) And I really mean it that you should check their bag and coats collection. :P 

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