Thursday, March 30, 2017

Romantic Red

Can color really influence men's physical attraction to women? Since the time of the ancient Egyptians, red is already being used  as lipstick by the women to heighten their attractiveness. And the ultimate proof is this study from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, red indeed enhances male's attraction to females. And men seem unaware of this color effect. Read it here.

Of what use is it then? Lol. Well, while it's given that physical characteristics like facial symmetry and waist-to-hip ratio are factors for being alluring too, those are things that we can't control anymore. So for me, I find it comforting that somehow your clothing choices can sort of help you in this dating department. *grin* Try to wear red on a date? Why not? It's hard to resist these tips from cold hard facts. :P

I've been using this red gown in this blog for so many times now but the effect is still the same. It's such a striking color that I chose to bring it with me to Tokyo when I found out about this luxurious hotel. It is one of the oldest hotels in the city with a rich history  that dates back to 1915. Come to think of it, in a city full of skyscrapers, this landmark stands out too with its domes and it's three-storyprofile. But I think what makes it really iconic is it's red-brick Victorian facade. ;)

Jacket: Topshop; Dress: Mango; Shoes: Chinese Laundry

Monday, March 27, 2017

Sponsored: Halter Top

Got any special occasions to attend to this summer? A wedding perhaps but finding it hard for you to find an outfit that keeps you feeling refreshed in this sweltering heat? Good. Then you've come to the right place. Lol. How very "home tv shopping" did that sound? Hahaha.

Anyway, enter this lace halter top from Zaful. Aside from its back-baring cut, it's transparent material gives your upper body some breathability while looking formal and elegant at the same time thanks to its golden embroidery detail. As proven in my IG, it sure is a compliment-drawer top. Now all you need is some pretty skirt (I recommend a maxi, soon to be posted) to pair it with. You can check more of this brand's offering in the link below. Meanwhile, enjoy the photos. :)

Top: Zaful; Pants: H&M; Shoes: Zara

Friday, March 24, 2017

Sponsored: Cute Summer Top

You notice a sudden weather change when you get an illness out of it. Rapid rise in temp? Yep, that’s Manila now in 34 deg at most in the daytime. I was actually wondering where that breezy 1 kilometer walks in the morning going to work disappeared to? Now when I get to the office, I have to reach for the fan to feel refreshed. If you look at your IG, the wall is replete with bikini and beach pics and if you haven’t, then you sit down and make plans to go yourself. Lol. But wait, I have to get well first and recover my voice. 😷

If anything, this vernal equinox as they call it is the perfect time to bust out this summer top from Zaful. It was actually requested last year but somehow the postal system screwed up and it was only delivered about two weeks ago. I was planning to wear it during the cruise (which I haven’t forgotten that I haven’t blogged yet 🤦) but found time otherwise to wear it while in KL last week. Of course, being in the dominantly Muslim city means I  had to cover it up but with this weather that’s not going away anytime soon, I think I’m going to have to a lot of wear out of it. You excited for the summer days ahead? ☀️️☀️️☀️️

Knotted Printed Cami Top

This top in cadet blue sailor print is almost like a bandeau but tied with a knot in front to enhance the chest area. Perfect for girls like me. 😛

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Gingham Girl

Aside from a good old jumpsuit, my other pick for throwing on an easy outfit that look instantly put together? A matching set. These two-piece wonders make you look chic and that you've put some careful thought in your outfit. Talk about minimum effort, maximum impact. 

I fell in love with this chic matching set in gingham from Zara and I thought of bringing it with me last week in KL if you know, there were some photo opportunity. Gingham, although has always been a  favorite classic of mine, is sure to be a huge trend for this spring and summer. And it doesn't hurt that this print sort of matches with the twin tower's look. Lol!

We stopped by Suria KLCC on our last day for lunch before heading to the airport and it was really hot when we took these photos but thankfully we managed to take some nice ones below. :P Of course the session continued into KLIA too. Hihi. :)

Hat: H&M; Dress: Zara; Jacket: Mango; Bag/ Shoes: Zalora

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Trench Coat in KL

One of spring's favorite transitional/ classic piece is this business trip's ootd's focal point - the trench coat. It's versatile, polished and a good warming third piece. Wear it draped over the shoulders, belted or as a dress, it always works in the corporate world. Here's how I wore my Dresslily piece for three days in Kuala Lumpur.

Coat: Here; Dress: Unbranded; Belt: Mango; Shoes: Zalora

Coat: Here; Top/ Belt: Mango; Pants: H&M; Shoes: Zara

Coat: Here; Top/ Trousers: Mango; Shoes: CMG

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Urban Utilitarian

Fashion is indeed fickle. While Pantone is declaring that Greenery is the color of 2017, fashion runways are declaring Pink will be huge this year. (?!?!) Yeah, greenery, try harder. Lol. 

But if there's one kind of green I can definitely get used to (hey, it's St. Patrick's day anyway ☘️) it would have to be this - army/ military or olive green. This hue was big in last year's spring collection and I'd say it wouldn't hurt continuing the trend this year, no? Military green adds an interesting tone (not to mention a tough vibe) to black basics without making too much of a statement as proven in the outfits below. Agree?

If you're new to army green, you can try it with an all black ensemble like below with tough accessories. ;)
Top: Zara; Skirt: Warehouse; Shoes: Mango; Sunnies: Here; Jacket: Here

Dress: Topshop; Jacket: Here; Shoes: Zalora; Sunnies: Here

This look below is like a major throwback to military training days in high school, no? 
Jacket: Topshop; Suit: H&M; Shoes: Mango; Sunnies: Here; Jacket: Here

I especially love this waistcoat from Zaful in army green

Lapel Belted Overlay Waistcoat

Hat: H&M; Dress: Zaful; Shoes: Mango

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ex In The City

Him: Je Suis Amoureuse. It means you are in love. Who's the lucky guy?

This after a quick peck on the cheek. And my head went:

1.Of course, it's his language. He'd notice. *major eye roll*
2. I bought this dress bec of the jersey number. Why didn't I take an interest in the meaning?
3. Most importantly, I just finished teaching a dance class and hurriedly stormed out in this. WHY NOW?!?! LOL.

Me: You said you'll never come back!!! Oh, I didn't know. Nope. There's no one.

And again, in my head:

2. You said you'll never come back again.

We went to talk some more about his plans (possible to change again in my head) while I ogle his arms in his undershirt. To be fair, he's just come off from a different gym too but he still looks hot albeit a li'l sweaty. I hope he thinks the same of me too. Lol.

I walked home that day, learning a new French phrase (lol!) and with a lesson to carefully analyze my statement shirts (or dresses in this case) next time. =))))))

Are you ever that particular in your outfits?

Dress: H&M; Blazer: Mango; Shoes: Converse

Friday, March 10, 2017

Trends in 2017

These 8 trends will be huge in 2017 as predicted by very credible websites. 😉

Loud Stripes

This print has always been in style but it's different when designers make a splashy resurgence in fashion show catwalks (S/S 17 runway in particular). 

Dress: Mango; Top: H&M; Sunnies: Zaful; Bag: Here


This hue was big and is a favorite on the recent runways. And frankly, who doesn't?

Bikini: Unbranded; Skirt: Mango

Bold Earrings

A tiny little item that makes your outfit a bit interesting. To be honest, I've stopped wearing earrings since I got my shorter 'do. But from time to time I wear these dangling pieces in fear of my piercing closing. Lol.

Top: H&M; Shoes: Zalora; Earrings: Mango


It's been proven again and again that adding a third piece to your outfit makes it more interesting. See my post here. With the waist being declared as the new erogenous zone of 2017, third pieces such as bustiers and corsets (as seen in my previous post) are your best bets for cinched silhouettes. So effortless. Because we all know how hard is it to workout that area of the body, right? :P

Statement Sleeves/ Sleeve Drama

So sad that they have moved over the shoulder-baring tops and migrated down to sleeve-making outfit. But style bloggers love a little drama. Lol. And I wholeheartedly embrace this trend. Haha!

For some reason, I like combining the two trends as seen below:

Dress: Unbranded (similar here); Jacket/ Shoes: Zalora; Belt: Dorothy Perkins

Top: Zaful; Bustier: Zara; Pants/ Shoes: H&M; Sunnies: Mango

This piece prolly came from the pyjama trend that was also big last year and will come in silks and embroidered pieces. It brings the comfort of home to the outside world and I like that aside from being transitional pieces from winter to spring, they can also be used as swimwear cover ups too! More mileage? Count me in! :P

Robe: Topshop; Top: Warehouse; Skirt: Forever21; Belt/ Shoes: Mango

Robe/ Pants: H&M; Bralette/ Shoes: Zalora

Other trends without photo that were lifted from the article,

- Neon
- 80's resurgence in the form of boxy shoulders

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Corset ala G!

It’s international women’s month. And for that reason, I decided to feature two women here with incredible style. My first on the list, Gigi Hadid.

You must be living under a rock if you still haven’t heard of her name. This girl is ubiquitous. She’s best friends with Kendall of the Kardashian clan/ member of Taylor Swift’s squad, dating generational crush Zayn Malik and just landed her 17th Vogue cover! Who doesn’t wanna be her? Lol. Last year, she was honored with the international model of the year at the 2016 British fashion awards.

You know the drill here. Though it’s not the first time I copied her athleisure style (see post here), it’s just too bad that some of her model off-duty looks are just too fashion-forward. But thankfully, this look of her found below has everything in my wardrobe aside from the fact that it is one of last year’s trend: the corset (see here).

As it turns out, copying this style has its benefits. It was also featured as one of the best styles in Who What Wear’s winter wardrobe challenge #WWWwinter30 here. I was so psyched when I found out that my photo was chosen! The challenge was to add  a corset or corset-inspired belt to your wardrobe. See more of the original and the budget-friendly version below. Happy International Women's Day! 👩👩👩

Shirtdress: J Crew; Pants: H&M; Shoes: Miss Selfridge

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Something Fishy 🐟

This controversial micro trend took off in the A/W 2016 catwalks, was a front row favorite in the recently held fashion week and still continues to be MASSIVE in 'grams lately. I mean, what do you expect if Kim K posts an uhm topless pic of it peeking from under her Levi's? 

Much like the leggings, it's one of those divisive trend. It's either you like it or you don't (especially for those who can't shake off it's trashy connotation. But there are two ways to wear it: (1) you can let it be an add-on accessory to keep things a little interesting or (2) let it be the focal point and keep the boudoir/ punk game strong. Here, let me show you both ways to wear this holey hosiery trend.

Bodysuit: H&M; Pants/ Shoes: Zalora

Robe: Topshop; Dress/Skirt: H&M; Shoes: Mango