Friday, June 30, 2017

Happy 3rd, Zaful!

There's nothing quite like having a partner/ brand that understands your aesthetic, no? I remember one time I was requesting for a certain item and my contact person told me that the said swimwear actually doesn't fit my style. Haha! Good to have a reality check specially when it comes to swimwear! And I'm grateful for this brand for allowing me to be one of their ambassadors. 

For a special post, this is me decked out from head to toe in this brand. You've probably already seen the items in my previous posts but here's a different styling again by yours truly. Check out the links of the items. :)

Happy Anniversary, Zaful!

Sunnies: Sadly, sold out but check the oval shape here

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Happy 234th, Batanes!

As you may have noticed in my social media accounts, last weekend I finally got to see Batanes. Prior to this trip, I would share the same sentiments as others. Harrumphing about the price one needs to pay to get there saying it could already get a person or even two to another country at even a cheaper rate (even at promo rates!). This very same excuse and others, hence, the solo trip. It’s most welcome change though since it’s really been a while since I last traveled sans company.

When I was doing my preparation for the island, I found out that there’s no mobile data connection in this northernmost province as it was destroyed during the typhoon sometime last year. I know most of my friends would think I won’t survive it (lol!) But deep within I myself I just know, I could really use a good social media break. Don’t you? Going solo to a remote island with no internet connection is just the perfect recipe for a soul-searching Cassey. Hahaha.

If there’s only one downside of not being connected, it’s not being able to share realtime the breathtaking beauty of Batanes. There’s just simply no words guys, no words. It’s something that one needs to be experienced. It’s the type of beauty that makes you scream at the top of your lungs – Ang ganda ng Pilipinas!!! I should know coz I almost followed suit the other tourists who did this in one of the verdant hills.

And if there’s one positive thing about getting disconnected, the effect in my thoughts and writing. Lol. My followers would know that I’m used to one-worded captions. Haha! But no, a few words are not enough to describe the things I experienced in my 2-day sojourn. You can see for yourself the lengthy captions in my FB and IG posts now. Lol. And since it may take sometime before I fully blog about it (the suppliers/ partners are already following up uggghh), I made this preface. HAHAHA. I’m not a good writer but I really wanted to make the posts as flowery as possible but I’m not sure I’m capable of that. That is why, I’m thankful for these pictures. I hope you enjoy the preview pics below and let’s hope that I can blog about it the soonest! :)

P.S. Batanes is celebrating this whole week it's 234th foundation.:)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

#TrioThursdays: Canadian Tuxedo

Google Canadian Tuxedo and the very first image you'll see is an image of Brit Brit and JT's in AMAs circa 2001. Don't fret, Canuck tux simply means a double-denim outfit. I'll spare you the details of it's history but you can read up on it here

If you're a total trivia junkie though and did click on that link lol, you'll notice that the emphasis would have to be on the denim jacket and not just any denim top. Before, donning a double denim outfit used to be a fashion faux pas but not anymore with different celebs championing the trend and giving it a nod of approval.

With that, I gathered here three looks for today's hashtag using my distressed denim jacket pair from Mango with some style tips included below. Check it out! ;)

1. Why scrimp on two when you can actually make it a triple denim? *wink* Inject some yellow shoes for a pop of color. :)
Jacket: Mango; Top: Unbranded; Bottom: Zalora; Shoes: Call It Spring

2. Wear your jacket offshoulder for a different take on the"tux" not to mention making it look on-trend. ;)
Jacket: Mango; Bodysuit: Here; Skirt/ Shoes: Zalora; Sunnies: Mango

3. How about wrapping around the sleeves of the denim jacket and tie it at your waist to make it look like a tube top? Layer with a white tee for some modest approach. :P

Jacket/Shirt: Mango; Bottom: Terranova; Shoes: Zalora

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

FSJ Shoes

Sharing is caring. And from one shoe lover to another, I have an amazing news for you. Today I'd like to share with you a shoe brand I discovered that offers a lot of stylish options for you shoeaholics like me out there. ;) I'm talking about FSJ shoes. From boots, to flats, to stilettos, you'll be certain to find the right pair that fits your aesthetic from their wide selection. It was a bit hard deciding on the pairs but here are my top 3 picks from their site here.

Ankle Boots. I'm crushing on this pair right now. Perfect for our rainy season now and pretty soon this will be usable for travels to fall/ winter season.

Flats. Leopard is a neutral. This flats can be easily mixed and match to your wardrobe.

Pumps. Talking about trends. Gingham is big this summer season and it wouldn't hurt to incorporate the print in your shoes as well.

You can like their Facebook page here to know more updates on their upcoming trends. Let me know your favorites in the comments. Happy shoe-hunting. :)

Friday, June 16, 2017

#TrioThursdays: Mint Dress

Can't believe I've had this pretty dress from Zaful for almost a year now and it took that long to make its way into the blog. :P 

I love dresses but separate tops and bottoms are still much preferable when it comes to styling options. The challenge in dresses is creating a sort of "new look" out of them by using different accessories and so far here's how I've styled this mint summer dress in the past. I'm bringing back this series I started in my previous blog where I feature an item and present how to wear it in 3 ways. I know it's already Friday 🙈 but please forgive this late post as Brit Brit in Manila happened last night. Check out my IG for stories. 😉

1. For a weekend look, I paired it with my fave straw hat and lace-up sandals.

Dress: Zaful; Hat: H&M; Bag/ Shoes: Mango

2. For more work-appropriate look, here it is with a sailor-print striped blazer and strappy heels.

Blazer: H&M; Bag: Mango; Shoes: CMG

3. Casual Friday got me experimenting and converting it into a dress over pants.
Dress: Zaful; Sunnies: Mango; Shoes: CMG

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Classic, preppy and polished. This collared LBD has Blair Waldorf written all over it, lol. Queen B would prolly don it with a coat, red tights and a matching headband of the same hue on the very stairs of Met but wait a sec...

Come November, pair it with black opaques and you get the Wednesday Addams vibes for your holiday costume needs. Riiight? I love how versatile this dress from Rosegal is. I can already see myself pairing it with black ballet flats for those 'I-don't-have-anything-to-wear-to-work" days. :P

P.S. Check this earlier post on how I attempted a Blair Waldorf look sometime 2015. Hehe.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


With a Monday night freed up from a usual gym class, I was able to watch Wonder Woman the other night. And it is A M A Z I N G! Have you guys seen it? J Gal Gadot, a former Miss Israel and now a mother of two, is my new role model. Hehe. I also saw interviews about her role and something really got into me about comments on how she’s not “suited” for the role bec of her small breasts. Like seriously?

When did an Amazon require big breasts for her battles? I would’ve accepted if the comments were about her legs because I kind of noticed they’re thin. Don’t you know big breasts only adds weight/ burden to a fighting woman but big legs are important for sturdiness. Seriously, these people!!! 💢💢💢

As you may have noticed, I’m a proud flat-chested woman. Lol. You may refer to this post here and here for the numerous advantages we have over the others and this is once again highlighted in the bodysuit below. And that is, going braless. ;) This look also alludes to the advantage of a white swimsuit as you may have also seen in my post here

Bodysuit: Here; Skirt: Here; Shoes/Bag: Zalora; Hat: H&M; Earrings: Mango

Saturday, June 3, 2017

A little Gigi, A Little Bella

By this time, I’m sure that most of you are already familiar with the way I sometimes “copy” celebrity outfits. If you aren’t, then check out the ways I copied Olivia Palermo here. Most of my friends are baffled how I’m able to do so. Hmmm.

First of all, let me tell you this. Celebrities are just like us. They just happen to have a stylist and endorse/ wear expensive clothes XD The first question they throw at me is whether I purposely buy an item just to copy a celebrity outfit. Well, of course not. Lol. But I must admit that there are items, specifically Kendall endorsed accessories that I bought (gaaah, she’s so effective at this!) because I saw the styling possibilities in them. And yep, that should be the reason for the purchase. Also, in my part it does help that there are sponsors where I can request some “trendy” items from. This will be elaborated more below.

Second, how do I find the celebrity outfits? Again, it’s not like I purposely find an outfit to copy. Most of the times I just happen to see them in style websites and it would hit me like, BAM! I have all the ingredients of this outfit (albeit a budget-friendly one). Lol! Instagram is an endless source of outfit inspo from celebs themselves. Take for example this look that Gigi Hadid debuted during the fashion week in Milan.

It’s a polarizing outfit that features a skirt over pants in one denim piece and made its way to different style websites to “discuss”. See, it’s become so controversial that Mango itself made a replica of the one-piece and named it after the model herself here. Luckily for me, having this pants and denim skirt made it easier for me to recreate the “focal point” of the ensemble. So, see and judge for yourself below. J

The second look below is not an exact copy but since we’re talking Gigi and point #2 above, let’s have a look at one of Bella’s MOD outfit as seen here. It’s a very basic one that involves denim and a bodysuit. I recreated it below using Zaful's item below:

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sponsored: Summer Dressing Combo

Summer dressing for me is ensuring that maximum breeziness is achieved. While it's true that dressing up in sweltering heat might mean uhmm a little more than usual flesh display, I believe that it doesn't have to be too revealing. Here below is an outfit combo I chose below with a little help from my partners at Rosegal.

Combo: Cutout dress + Sunnies + Boater Hat + Wedge Sandals 

This cutout dress from Rosegal is just the right amount of relaxed dressing I need. You might think it's a matching set but actually, the top and bottom are linked by the strings infront. The skirt is zipped at the back while the top is held by two strings at the back. If this isn't breeziness for you, then I don't know what is. As if the red color ( read about wearing red here) isn't enough to catch attention, this intriguing way of the outfit is sure to keep people staring or even start a conversation. :)

Ask any style experts and you'd hear how leopard has become a neutral. It doesn't matter that it is paired with another print, as long as it performs its job of shielding your eyes from UV rays while complementing your face. And as we all know, cat eyes are universally flattering.

Though the bag and shoes aren't sponsored, just a little tip for summer dressing, pick accessories that are too unfussy like this mini crossbody bag that essentially makes you hands-free and for footwear, open-toed sandals. Wedgies are good for additional height. *wink*