Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sponsored: Summer Dressing Combo

Summer dressing for me is ensuring that maximum breeziness is achieved. While it's true that dressing up in sweltering heat might mean uhmm a little more than usual flesh display, I believe that it doesn't have to be too revealing. Here below is an outfit combo I chose below with a little help from my partners at Rosegal.

Combo: Cutout dress + Sunnies + Boater Hat + Wedge Sandals 

This cutout dress from Rosegal is just the right amount of relaxed dressing I need. You might think it's a matching set but actually, the top and bottom are linked by the strings infront. The skirt is zipped at the back while the top is held by two strings at the back. If this isn't breeziness for you, then I don't know what is. As if the red color ( read about wearing red here) isn't enough to catch attention, this intriguing way of the outfit is sure to keep people staring or even start a conversation. :)

Ask any style experts and you'd hear how leopard has become a neutral. It doesn't matter that it is paired with another print, as long as it performs its job of shielding your eyes from UV rays while complementing your face. And as we all know, cat eyes are universally flattering.

Though the bag and shoes aren't sponsored, just a little tip for summer dressing, pick accessories that are too unfussy like this mini crossbody bag that essentially makes you hands-free and for footwear, open-toed sandals. Wedgies are good for additional height. *wink*

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