Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Happy 234th, Batanes!

As you may have noticed in my social media accounts, last weekend I finally got to see Batanes. Prior to this trip, I would share the same sentiments as others. Harrumphing about the price one needs to pay to get there saying it could already get a person or even two to another country at even a cheaper rate (even at promo rates!). This very same excuse and others, hence, the solo trip. It’s most welcome change though since it’s really been a while since I last traveled sans company.

When I was doing my preparation for the island, I found out that there’s no mobile data connection in this northernmost province as it was destroyed during the typhoon sometime last year. I know most of my friends would think I won’t survive it (lol!) But deep within I myself I just know, I could really use a good social media break. Don’t you? Going solo to a remote island with no internet connection is just the perfect recipe for a soul-searching Cassey. Hahaha.

If there’s only one downside of not being connected, it’s not being able to share realtime the breathtaking beauty of Batanes. There’s just simply no words guys, no words. It’s something that one needs to be experienced. It’s the type of beauty that makes you scream at the top of your lungs – Ang ganda ng Pilipinas!!! I should know coz I almost followed suit the other tourists who did this in one of the verdant hills.

And if there’s one positive thing about getting disconnected, the effect in my thoughts and writing. Lol. My followers would know that I’m used to one-worded captions. Haha! But no, a few words are not enough to describe the things I experienced in my 2-day sojourn. You can see for yourself the lengthy captions in my FB and IG posts now. Lol. And since it may take sometime before I fully blog about it (the suppliers/ partners are already following up uggghh), I made this preface. HAHAHA. I’m not a good writer but I really wanted to make the posts as flowery as possible but I’m not sure I’m capable of that. That is why, I’m thankful for these pictures. I hope you enjoy the preview pics below and let’s hope that I can blog about it the soonest! :)

P.S. Batanes is celebrating this whole week it's 234th foundation.:)

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