Thursday, June 22, 2017

#TrioThursdays: Canadian Tuxedo

Google Canadian Tuxedo and the very first image you'll see is an image of Brit Brit and JT's in AMAs circa 2001. Don't fret, Canuck tux simply means a double-denim outfit. I'll spare you the details of it's history but you can read up on it here

If you're a total trivia junkie though and did click on that link lol, you'll notice that the emphasis would have to be on the denim jacket and not just any denim top. Before, donning a double denim outfit used to be a fashion faux pas but not anymore with different celebs championing the trend and giving it a nod of approval.

With that, I gathered here three looks for today's hashtag using my distressed denim jacket pair from Mango with some style tips included below. Check it out! ;)

1. Why scrimp on two when you can actually make it a triple denim? *wink* Inject some yellow shoes for a pop of color. :)
Jacket: Mango; Top: Unbranded; Bottom: Zalora; Shoes: Call It Spring

2. Wear your jacket offshoulder for a different take on the"tux" not to mention making it look on-trend. ;)
Jacket: Mango; Bodysuit: Here; Skirt/ Shoes: Zalora; Sunnies: Mango

3. How about wrapping around the sleeves of the denim jacket and tie it at your waist to make it look like a tube top? Layer with a white tee for some modest approach. :P

Jacket/Shirt: Mango; Bottom: Terranova; Shoes: Zalora

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