Saturday, June 3, 2017

A little Gigi, A Little Bella

By this time, I’m sure that most of you are already familiar with the way I sometimes “copy” celebrity outfits. If you aren’t, then check out the ways I copied Olivia Palermo here. Most of my friends are baffled how I’m able to do so. Hmmm.

First of all, let me tell you this. Celebrities are just like us. They just happen to have a stylist and endorse/ wear expensive clothes XD The first question they throw at me is whether I purposely buy an item just to copy a celebrity outfit. Well, of course not. Lol. But I must admit that there are items, specifically Kendall endorsed accessories that I bought (gaaah, she’s so effective at this!) because I saw the styling possibilities in them. And yep, that should be the reason for the purchase. Also, in my part it does help that there are sponsors where I can request some “trendy” items from. This will be elaborated more below.

Second, how do I find the celebrity outfits? Again, it’s not like I purposely find an outfit to copy. Most of the times I just happen to see them in style websites and it would hit me like, BAM! I have all the ingredients of this outfit (albeit a budget-friendly one). Lol! Instagram is an endless source of outfit inspo from celebs themselves. Take for example this look that Gigi Hadid debuted during the fashion week in Milan.

It’s a polarizing outfit that features a skirt over pants in one denim piece and made its way to different style websites to “discuss”. See, it’s become so controversial that Mango itself made a replica of the one-piece and named it after the model herself here. Luckily for me, having this pants and denim skirt made it easier for me to recreate the “focal point” of the ensemble. So, see and judge for yourself below. J

The second look below is not an exact copy but since we’re talking Gigi and point #2 above, let’s have a look at one of Bella’s MOD outfit as seen here. It’s a very basic one that involves denim and a bodysuit. I recreated it below using Zaful's item below: