Friday, July 31, 2015

Cold Shoulders

“The only place you never gain weight is on your shoulder. It doesn’t get wrinkly, it doesn’t get fat. I love shoulders.” - Donna Karan

Sorry midriff but you’re out this season. And all of us forever struggling with flat tummies give a collective sigh of relief. Lol! Come spring and summer seasons were coats are no longer needed and it’s time to bare some flesh, the style deities have pronounced a new erogenous zone – the clavicles. Yes, off-shoulder top is the neckline of the season.

The ever-sage Donna Karan was right above. This trend is absolutely flattering for everybody. I mean, have you ever heard somebody say they hate their shoulders? None. Nil. Nada. Shoulders could REALLY use some “focal point”. *wink* It is the easiest and least controversial expression of a kind of sex appeal. Agree? But how do you wear it?

In the gallery below, this trend is much appreciated more with a waisted silhouette as seen in a black on black number using a pencil skirt. Though most would say it best to keep your hair up, gallery B proves that it can also be pulled-off otherwise using this top with a bohemian vibe. You can also layer a cropped off-shoulder top to a maxi dress as seen in below. And you thought it's just one dress? :P  By the way, that's a shot somewhere in Massachusetts. :)

Pull the top lower to show some underarm crease for some confrontational look, wear it with a dangling earrings for fun or pair it with just about anything – the possibilities are endless! However you like it, simply wear the off-shoulder with a smoulder. Haha! :D

Top: Zara; Skirt: Warehouse; Shoes: H&M
Belt: Dorothy Perkins; Bag: Unbranded; Sunnies: Aldo

Top: H&M; Skirt: Forever21
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins; Sunnies: Aldo

Top: Topshop; Dress: Topshop; Shoes: Mango
Sunnies: Aldo; Bag: Unbranded

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A One-Piece in Three!

Before I left for the East Coast, I had a chance to work on a styling gig in a yacht. Yes, I was the stylist here but of course I didn’t pass up for a chance to have some stills for myself (you know me, wink!).

It’s a tricky one because I had to do it without interfering the whole shoot itself. So to quickly pull off three different looks, I chose a very versatile top that could be styled in many ways. And at this stage, allow me to segue a bit to talk a li’l something for my fellow IBTC (itty bitty titty committee).

You see, I’ve always been proud of being flat-chested. And since a lot of sites have already highlighted how lucky blessed we are in this department so from their posts, I will gather the “styling advantages” of us who belongs in the A-team. *wink*

1.  1. Plunging necklines are never an issue. I once had a friend who was jealous that I can wear low necklines without giving off an overtly sexual vibe. She simply can’t do it. And I am simply not envious of girls who has men’s attention because of their decolletage. Ugh, no thanks.

2.   2. Backless tops are flattering. There’s no cut of shirt that is completely off-limits, swimsuits included. Haha! And I always make a joke that should there be a swimwear malfunction, I don’t give two hoots. Lol.

3. 3. Bra-less anyone? This may be too much information but I can pull off a no-bra at workplace, and have been doing it many times. Enough said.

Granted, this top is actually a swimwear that is worn as a bodysuit so indeed there’s no need to go bra-less but I was in a yacht so it’s only appropriate. Also, if you noticed this is the same top worn in my New York post. A swimsuit and bodysuit in one? Aaah, I love it! J

This cruise was actually a short one in Manila Bay. And I will work on my styling portfolio for this soon. Watch out for it.

First look: Hat: Zara (worn here); Top: Ensemble (same here); Skirt: Mango (worn here)
Second look: Skirt: Unbranded; Shoes: Mango
Third look: Cover-up: H&M

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wedding in Toronto

Did you know the motif of the wedding?” I got asked a lot of times during the wedding itself. When I was young, I read this book of etiquette that suggests you wear something that is somehow coordinated to the wedding’s motif as a guest but to be honest, before I left my knowledge was that my friend’s wedding is in midnight blue. I don’t know, I guess I judged it from the invitation??? Lol!

So the closest shade I came up with was mint - something that as mentioned in my previous post, perfect for a late spring wedding. Again staying true to myself, I applied my favorite colorblocking technique using this maxi pleats skirt. Little did I know that all the bridesmaids were in mint dresses and the actual motif was mint and peach – as worn by the sponsors in the entourage. Talk about apropos!

It was fun being pseudo-part of the entourage though. And since I have another friend getting hitched by the end of this year, I kind of suggested this idea to have a two-tone gown - for the bridesmaids that is. We had time to discuss while we were going for the long drive to Cape Cod in Massachusetts after the wedding (outfit post on that soon) but only when I got back home did I realize that this can be quite tricky to do what with the tailoring of the dresses. So now, I have an assignment from him to work on this idea of mine. What did I get myself into? Haha!

The photos below were taken at this very charming place - Old Mill Inn and Spa in Toronto. I just love the quaintly picturesque setting of their function rooms. It did rain that day but it was fun and beautiful celebrating life and love with dear friends. :)

Dress: Bugis in Singapore; Skirt: Mango; Shoes: Zara
Clutch: Mango; Necklace: Mango

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New York, New York

"Her name was New York, New York. She poisoned your sweet mind."

Aaaah, New York. Are there really enough words to describe this city??? I’ve been to the tallest building in the world in Dubai but trust me, just merely walking on the streets of this city makes you already feel like you are on top of the world. I don’t know. It’s just the electricity. Perhaps from all the bright lights of the skyscrapers in there? Or the fact that every street you turn to makes you feel like something extraordinary would happen and that every minute of it is film-worthy. =)

Alicia keys was right. In New York there’s nothing you can’t do. And to quote someone, if you get bored in New York, then that’s your fault. This city never runs out of things to see or to do. And all three days of my stay is not enough. There's just so much more to explore. But boy, to quote Frank Sinatra, I was ecstatic to be part of it. Even for just three short spectacular days. NYC, you’re perfect! 

This one day outfit was taken around the lower Manhattan, inside the sprawling Metropolitan Museum of Art, the very lush Central Park, the iconic Brooklyn Bridge (being a total saddo tourist I know!!!) and the beautiful New York University.

Swimwear: Ensemble; Pants; Dorothy Perkins; 
Sunnies: Aldo; Shoes: H&M