Sunday, July 26, 2015

A One-Piece in Three!

Before I left for the East Coast, I had a chance to work on a styling gig in a yacht. Yes, I was the stylist here but of course I didn’t pass up for a chance to have some stills for myself (you know me, wink!).

It’s a tricky one because I had to do it without interfering the whole shoot itself. So to quickly pull off three different looks, I chose a very versatile top that could be styled in many ways. And at this stage, allow me to segue a bit to talk a li’l something for my fellow IBTC (itty bitty titty committee).

You see, I’ve always been proud of being flat-chested. And since a lot of sites have already highlighted how lucky blessed we are in this department so from their posts, I will gather the “styling advantages” of us who belongs in the A-team. *wink*

1.  1. Plunging necklines are never an issue. I once had a friend who was jealous that I can wear low necklines without giving off an overtly sexual vibe. She simply can’t do it. And I am simply not envious of girls who has men’s attention because of their decolletage. Ugh, no thanks.

2.   2. Backless tops are flattering. There’s no cut of shirt that is completely off-limits, swimsuits included. Haha! And I always make a joke that should there be a swimwear malfunction, I don’t give two hoots. Lol.

3. 3. Bra-less anyone? This may be too much information but I can pull off a no-bra at workplace, and have been doing it many times. Enough said.

Granted, this top is actually a swimwear that is worn as a bodysuit so indeed there’s no need to go bra-less but I was in a yacht so it’s only appropriate. Also, if you noticed this is the same top worn in my New York post. A swimsuit and bodysuit in one? Aaah, I love it! J

This cruise was actually a short one in Manila Bay. And I will work on my styling portfolio for this soon. Watch out for it.

First look: Hat: Zara (worn here); Top: Ensemble (same here); Skirt: Mango (worn here)
Second look: Skirt: Unbranded; Shoes: Mango
Third look: Cover-up: H&M

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