Monday, April 25, 2016

Teambuilding at Mi Terraza

That moment when a 24-hr teambuilding activity turns into one full album of photoshoots. Lol. All vanity aside, loved loved loved every second spent with my girls and of course my co- gym Retropop instructors/ family at Mi Terraza Resort in Antipolo, Rizal. A weekend that's definitely well-spent before another business trip this week. :)

Sun worshipping?

The commute part...

Okay, feed goal shots. *roll eyes* Lol

The floaties!!! Yaaasssss!!!

Loves of my life... <3

Uhmm. Caption this? Lol.

The tan lines...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spring Essentials

In this post, we talked about the items that you need to get rid of for spring. But what to replace them with? Well, here's what.

I have intentionally missed out one item from the list of four previously to give way for a separate post soon. Stay tuned for that. 

Denim Jackets. As a recap, it's time to free up your closet space from heavy coats and replace them with denim jackets.

Denim Jacket: Mango; Dress: Dorothy Perkins; Shoes: Adidas

Lightweight sweaters. They should replace your chunky knits and turtlenecks. Fun fact: I've been looking forever for long cardigans like this and I didn't know that I can only find them in...... 
my brother's closet. Hahaha! Ssssshhh!

Cardigan/ Pants: H&M; Top: Topman; Shoes: Miss Selfridge

Silk scarves. I'm forever a huge fan of blanket scarves but it's time to give way for silk scarves. Pick something in color that would pop such as red! ;)

Jacket/ Bag: Mango; Dress; Scarf: H&M; Shoes: CMG

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Breakfast Joints

Extra gig means extra moolah to spend, right? I got myself a regular gig in one of the gyms near the office as a dance instructor so I thought as a reward, I should treat myself to nice restaurants every now and then. My goal for now is breakfast joints since this project Makati has led me to discover some few interesting places during oculars. :)

First stop, The Wholesome Table in one of my favorite villages near the workplace. I saw their posh interiors one night upon passing (was killing time before my yoga class) and when I checked their menus about organic food, I was SOLD. I made the decision right then and there that I MUST TRY it one day. Haha. And boy, I did. ;)  Though it took me weeks to finally make time since you know, it involves waking up early in the morning. Haha.

Top/Sunnies: Mango; Skirt: Bugis in SG (also here); Shoes: H&M

Second one, Early Bird Breakfast Club. It’s a pretty charming place alright with too many details all in one: chevron floors, multi-colored upholstery, bright murals, etc. It’s like my favorite styling technique – mixed prints. Haha! This one’s located at the ground floor of one of my favorite least crowded mall though I think it was a very unfortunate morning for commute since I couldn’t find a cab to get me to work. FACT: What used to be a 15-min walk took me 30 mins in that heels. Ugh. Oh well, atleast I already had my morning workout. Lol.

Blazer: Mango; Top/ Skirt: Topshop; Bag: Balenciaga (from here); Shoes: CMG

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spring White Jeans

Aside from floral prints, one trend that always comes around in the springtime is the white denim. I can't exactly find the rationale behind but I'm guessing it's simply because in color psychology, white is the color of new beginnings. After what seemed like endless dark outfits from the winter season, I guess it makes sense for designers to bring a change so refreshing in the form of white jeans. Lol! The trend carries on in the summer too which makes it a really good investment piece. 

Here are two looks on how I styled them in the past. First look is with another spring trend - the denim jacket and second is with my favorite timeless combo - black and white. :)

Jacket/ Shirt: Mango; Pants: H&M; Shoes: Zalora; Bag: Guess

Top/ Clutch: Mango; Pants: H&M; Shoes: Zara

Friday, April 8, 2016

Red Blazer in JKT

First of all, I'd like to say that I never thought I'd be back here. And for work, nonetheless. The announcement was made mere days before the business meeting so it's all very short notice and I was surprised to find out that the city has suddenly become inaccessible (rare direct flights from Manila and tight schedules considering Jakarta's traffic situation) so a 1-hour appointment occupied three days in total. :-/

I had less time to prepare so again using the clothing formula last January, I opted to revolve my clothing around this red blazer (seen here). It's really much easier this way and gave me more time to focus on the presentation (I can really understand the advantage, Mark Z lol!). The boss said we need to sell and I relied on the power of this color. Also, I took this opportunity to help a friend sell her his pre-loved luxury handbags so if ever you're interested, head on over to this link to check out their items. :)

Blazer: Mango; Top: Folded & Hung (men's); Pants: Topman; Shoes: Converse; Bag: Balenciaga

Blazer: Mango; Top: Forever21; Pants: H&M; Shoes: Converse; Bag: Balenciaga

Blazer: Mango; Jumpsuit: Topshop (also here); Shoes: Zara; Bag: Balenciaga

same look as first pic ;)