Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sponsored: Athleisure ala G

Just in case you haven't realized it yet, athleisure is alive and well and is here to stay. It’s now the cool It-girl style. While the debate is still on whether leggings are acceptable to be worn as pants, we look at one master of athleisure who’s fighting the good fight on making them acceptable – Queen G.

But how do we make our exercise gears in leggings totally elevated? It’s been proven that stylish gym wear can be the key to a great workout. Of course we turn to her inspiring ensembles and break down some pointers.

First look: It’s all about the bag. By adding a simple structured purse into your athleisure mix, you bring an extra ounce of polish to your look as demonstrated by G her. I also like the way she wrapped the cardigan around her waist. Obvs, G won the athleisure game here, style slam dunk! ;)

Second look: The bomber. I myself in the past had my second thoughts about the longevity of this trend so whether to invest in a piece or not was a crucial question for me. However, the answer came when Dresslily offered me an opportunity to choose an item from their jacket collection and I just really had to test drive the trend.

Also, you have to admit that it's very hard to resist owning a piece especially when you see how cool it looks when worn by Gigi and Kendall. Like hello, when was the time they look otherwise? *roll eyes* Lol!

Well, if you're not sure about how long this trend will last, the key here is to invest in cheaper pieces like Dresslily's piece below:

At such an affordable price, you can always look cool like Queen G below. ;)

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