Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Living in the Cosmic Frame

It’s #throwbackthursday! And I’ve always wanted to post my work for our last project when I took the styling workshop last year. Good excuse, no? So our instructor told us to visit this cosmic themed art gallery in Serendra, BGC and to produce a cosmic editorial inspired by it. To be honest, I didn’t go. Ssshhh. I didn’t have time so I asked my classmate to send the pics instead.

What are the words that come up to your mind when you think of that extraterrestrial vastness that we call our universe? Colorful bursts, glitters, psychedelic patterns? What with my limited time, I tried my best to apply these in my style below. And below work is based on the assumption that “life as we know it” in an intelligent form exists or will be created and reproduced on planets and stars other than our own earth.

Only rarely do you get the chance to explore a new world so buckle up for the characters  I made up that you’ll meet below. Haha.

And what did I learn from this project? That as with space explorations, the lesson is when it comes to cosmic styling, it always pays to aim high and take risks with the right combination of chutzpah, drama, science and skill. ;)

It all started when Bellatrix attended a masquerade party on a spaceship that sent her to outer space. 

Here are the characters she met in the outer space.

Cassiopeia, the superstar

Katy Prism, the entertainer

Luminara, the tribal girl

Cressida, the bounty hunter

And she returned to earth but she's never the same again.

P.S. Lame story. =)))))))))))))))

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