Thursday, August 31, 2017

#TrioThursday: Ugly Shoe Trend

You know it’s time to start talking about rainy footwear selection when you just had one of your favorite work go-to flats damaged from walking in the puddles. It happened one fateful night, I was already contemplating switching to my “ugly shoes” after teaching my Wednesday night class when for some reason (apparently it’s laziness to go back to the gym and change, πŸ€·) I decided against it. A heavy downpour occurred and bye bye flats. Lol! πŸ‘‹

Did I just really say I’m gonna wear something ugly? Let’s discuss what the ugly trend is. While I would directly point to a croc shoe (sorry to their fans πŸ™Š) as an ugly shoe, ugly fashion is actually more than that. Simply put based on this article, this genre is driven by influencers because of their desperate desire to be unique that they choose article of clothing that may not be the most flattering or aesthetically stunning in the moment. Think: deconstructed tops, sporty slides or chunky boots for example. Get it?

It’s no-brainer why my entry for this trend would have to be these Adidas alpha-bounce I got earlier this year. It’s simply because I purchased this from the men’s section. The color was never made available to the women’s and I reckon I wouldn’t have a size for it in that division either. It still piques my curiosity what other people think when they stare long at it whenever I’m wearing it, could it be that they find the style too manly for a woman or what. But I actually don’t care. This pair is actually one of my best decisions when it comes to gym footwear and I love the support it gives me while dancing. And since it’s in black, I wouldn’t mind getting it all wet or splashed in the puddle this monsoon season. πŸ™ƒ Although, I still have another entry for my list of rainy day looks in boots soon and I hope you wait for that. πŸ˜‰

Jacket: Mango; Skirt: Zalora; Shoes: Adidas

Top: Unbranded; Dress: Mango; Bag/ Shoes: Adidas

Top: Mango; Skirt: Zalora; Shoes: Adidas

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