Monday, August 7, 2017

Millennial Pink

In 2016, a light shade of pink named Rose Quartz was named one of the two colours of the year by Pantone. This year, it was declared to be Greenery. So whatever happened to Greens and what is this millennial pink that’s taking over IG feeds, fashion lines and restaurant decors recently? Lol.

While we do know that us girls will always be partial to pink but this type is not saccharine like Barbie pink but rather one in a soft muted shade ranging from beige to blush. It’s hard to tell how it slowly crept into our lives but many sources say Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel might have been one influence.

Experts believe that this hue is currently in vogue because it represents androgyny and rejects the feminine/ girly girl associations of the color of the past. Add to it the fact that this is generally flattering to everyone and easy on the eye. I don’t know about this though because I’ve known men from way way back some guy friends who purposely dress up in soft pinks (to you know, score pogi points to girls, lol!).

As for the movie influence, what of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde and my fashion icon Audrey’s Funny Face? Perhaps what I’m saying is, this color isn’t really something new and has been around for a while. It’s just having its moment today (and being monetized at that). As this article points out, “once it’s named. The trend is over.” So how long will this last? That one we have to wait and see. Not that I’m in favor of it dying real soon. Lol.

And as much as I wish that there exists a hotel like that of Grand Budapest’s, for now I’d be happy to achieve #millennialpink and #feedgoals in this not so new cafĂ© with #interiorgoals.

Dress: Zaful; Skirt: Mango; Hat: H&M; Shoes: Zalora


  1. As mentioned on Lookbook, I love your look! That bag is to die for!

    Ellone |

  2. You look outstanding in this outfit.!