Sunday, August 20, 2017


Two months after the Filipino heritage month, I  for sure will take advantage of this occasion to talk about my last installment post of our Rizal Park Hotel staycation featuring another ‘fit of course. Lol. Bec write-up topics are hard to come by. Haha.

Anyway, I learned that the construction of this boutique hotel involved a lot of controversies but for whatever issues that are still yet to be resolved, I really appreciate the owner’s idea of bringing back the old glory of the Manila Army and Navy Club. It was said that the owner’s fascination with the history of the club led him to preserve this national heritage ( I did check some old pictures and did some comparison and I think they did a good job here). We seriously need to work on other heritage buildings we have left here in Manila.

Whenever foreign friends would ask me for reco in our country, I always tell them to go to the islands. Because seriously, what’s there in Manila to see? The current Rizal Monument is photobombed (*roll eyes*), the National Museum is open yeah but still under construction (future post, hopefully) and there’s a new interesting National Museum of National History but the opening date is yet unknown (¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

Granted, we have Intramuros and Fort Santiago in here but there are still a lot around. There are still many historic buildings in Manila (and around the country) that needs to be restored like the Manila Army and  Navy club (right now looking at Manila Metropolitan Theatre, who knew we had our very own Met?). Budget will always be a primary hindrance so we need all the support from the government and the general public on this. Anyway, as this is long already, here in photos I present to you once again the grand Rizal Park Hotel featuring other areas unseen from the previous post and its neo-classical architecture facade.

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