Thursday, April 5, 2018

On Defining Your Personal Style

When I was doing my best 17 of 2017 year-ender post last December, I must admit at first I suffered from choice overload. Let's say there were about more than a hundred #ootds to choose from. So glad I get to have an additional one for this year, lol. But kidding aside, what helped me narrow it down is defining what best describes my personal style. 

Personal style as one editor put it is your signature 'vibe'. For other people, it's very transparent (shirt and denim type for example) while for some like yours truly it's still not very black-and-white. What I'm certain is that I love re-styling pieces and that up until now I still succumb to trends. Ugh. Yep, been style blogging for years now and I'm still not sure if I've figured it out.

One of the tips from this article to help pinpoint your personal style is to identify the repeat offenders. It says there's a reason why a certain type of clothing abounds in your closet. Well, I have a lot of maxi dresses and long skirts but one of the things that stood out from my outfits last year? This black tutu skirt. I wore it to the streets, brought in Paris and heck even styled it at the beach! 

So, if I were to again use this tip from this article and use three words to describe my style? I will use the adjectives for a tutu skirt. They're ladylike, elegant and dramatic. Oh well, dramatic isn't really a personal style per se but I'll keep it for the meantime. ;) Now tell me what's yours. :)

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