Saturday, April 14, 2018

Countryside Inspo

It all started with the desire to visit Provence while in Paris during my trip last year to see the lavender fields. Unfortunately, they’d be gone a month long before my scheduled visit so I could only look up some inspirational photos online. And that’s when I discovered Ann Street Studio’s sunflower field photo. The thing is, it’s hard not to like just one photo of her and not follow her. You’ll see what I mean when you click her profile here. Yes, you’re welcome.

Jamie Beck of Ann Street Studio is a photographer extraordinaire who left her life in Manhattan and is now living in Provence documenting her daily life through photos. Try not to be dare I say, obsessed, with her multiple self-portrait series (she even documents her photoshop skills in stories!) or the meticulously thought out idea behind her still lives. She’s one of those pure creatives in the world of Instagram that’s truly inspiring.

She’s like a Belle in the countryside, popping to her favorite bakery in the morning, exploring the beautiful corners of Provence and cooking her own healthy meal in the evening. I want to be this Belle too, making my own self-portraits in the French countryside, but since moving to Provence is currently not an option for me, I just copied what I could of her lifestyle in South of France when I was in Nueva Ecija last week.

Top: H&M; Skirt: Zara

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  1. You look amazing, just like from move. Love your skirt- it's my favourite model :)