Thursday, March 29, 2018

Postcards from North Batan

In continuation of my post from last December here from a trip made last June πŸ˜… are the breathtaking sights to behold in North Batan. I didn't even know that it's possible to squeeze both in a day!!! It was only around 2PM and Kuya Dale just casually brought up the idea since he knew I only have a day left. Thankfully, always girl scout ready, I brought a big bag for all my outfit changes. Ahaha!!!

To back up a bit, my South Batan post actually just covered the town of Mahatao. I haven't covered yet Ivana and Uyugan and some few stops here and there of this wonderful place called Batanes. So to continue...

Alapad Hills and Rock Formation

From the moment I learned about this place being the shoot location of Hihintayin Kita sa Langit - a Richard/ Dawn movie in 1991, I've been itching to go back with a lover to do that i-Dawn Zulueta mo ako pose get myself a copy of the movie. It's been 8 months which reflects how very resourceful I am, lol! In this tourist spot in Uyugan, try not to be impressed by the view of a road cutting through two towering cliffs nor be tempted to swim in the ocean.

House of Dakay 

Here below is one of the oldest stone houses of Ivana with its signature thatched cogon roof. This house is popular for being one of the houses that survived a magnitude 8.3 earthquake in 1918. Also, let's not forget that Batanes being the northernmost province, is a typhoon path which makes this functioning house a very fine example of a stone house. The cogon roof is not exactly rainproof but it's one of their most readily available resources and is also durable.

Honesty Coffee Shop

There was a thought-provoking meme I found out about this place that says, "Has honestly become so rare that we turn it into a tourist attraction?" This shop located in the Port of Ivana doesn't have a storekeeper in it and it's a good stopover for coffee during your tour. You simply log whatever you ate/ took with its price and drop the payment in a box, anything excess is considered a tip. Hehe. I noticed that it's the same business concept they apply in my lodge. Also, to my initial shock our gates weren't also locked at night but Batanes boasts of zero crime rate so I knew I'm safe.πŸ˜…

Oh, I just had to ask Kuya Dale to stop and pose in this pretty structure I found along the way. 


Radar Station/ PAG-ASA

The station itself was long destroyed by a strong typhoon but of course it's not what you wanna see from there but rather this spectacular view. You can still see the hedgerows of Mahatao (close up pic in my previous post here) from this place and Mt. Matarem.

Valugan Boulder Beach

At the back of Mt. Iraya is this beach. It is said that these boulders were spewed by the said mountain when it was geologically active.  I can't believe how such aggregate of rocks could be so picturesque but here they are, looking like a masterpiece. 

Vayang Rolling Hills

By the time we reached this place, I'd lost count the number of times I muttered, "Ang ganda"  to myself. So, I allowed myself to say it out loud just like what the other visitors were doing then. Seriously, it was in this exact moment when I felt my heart swelling with joy and pride for my country as the others were shouting, "Pilipinas, ang ganda mo!" My, my! What an awe-inspiring view!  From this overlook you can see a dramatic landscape and seascape combination of the rolling hills, the view of Mt. Iraya and the west Philippine sea. How can I own a piece of land here? 

Basco Lighthouse and Naidi Hill

How lucky is it that I get to witness a sunset wedding while here in Basco lighthouse? Basco, being a small town capital where everybody knows everybody, Kuya Dale gave me a juicy scoop about the bride. Haha. Not that he once wooed her. Sssshh. Haha.

Basco lighthouse stands on Naidi Hill overlooking the town of Basco on the east and Basco bay on the west. It's best to come here about sunset and capped off my first day in Batanes. :)

If you haven't made any  plans yet for this year, I highly recommend Batanes. I would so so love to go back here in the future. That steep airfare that might cost you two tickets to another country, it's so so so worth it!

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