Thursday, March 8, 2018

Bodysuit and The Manila Project

Are you one of those traveler who ever googles "instagrammable places of" wherever your destination is? Haha. I'm guilty of that. This app has really changed the way we travel. It's helpful in a way though I think.

With quite a lengthy business trip this week that spills over to next week, I was left with nothing but search for pretty interesting places to visit here in Jakarta. It's quite tough though as I've always likened this city to Manila whose redeeming qualities of the country it belongs to lies in the outskirts or in their islands. I mean, Bali would be nice but it's not really an option as of the moment. Also, not that I haven't been here before on a holiday. But like I said, IG is changing things now which means some tourist spots may have changed from how they were like before? Hmm, we shall see about it.

Meanwhile, here's a feature of some of Manila's finest locations where I chose to shoot this bodysuit I got from Rosegal. It has a faux leather front panel and a deep neckline that's way too sexay. Yay! Lol! You can check it out in the link below. 

In the future, please expect more of Manila's finest features here in the blog where I choose to call it my Manila project. You can already check out the first one here. :)

P.S. All styling are by yours truly. This post was made in collaboration with Rosegal. You may use RosegalChen code to have an additional 10%-20% discount. :)

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