Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Meghan Markle Moment

While I usually don’t fuss about royalties (I once whined about everybody's attention to the royal wedding of William and Kate last 2011), there’s just something charming about this prince-meets-commoner courtship of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that simply drew me to them. First of all, I don’t have time for TV series so I don’t follow Meghan’s acting career at all. Naturally after the news of engagement, I was initially shocked when I found out that she’s (up to this writing) a divorcee. I mean, I don’t dream of marrying into royalty at all (not that I have a chance, lol) but how realistic can this get? I MEAN, if there’s hope for true love for divorcees, then how much more for single ladies like us right? Lels.

It was also only through Facebook’s Memories or On This Day feature recently when I was reminded that she was the same woman who once impressed me with her powerful speech about sexist taglines when I once shared it in my page. I’m sure you’ve all seen it by now and I hope it did make you ask yourself what you were doing at age 11. Lol. I didn’t bother myself with her activities now as a grown woman on standing up for feminism or other things but I’m convinced that this kind of woman truly deserves a prince. <3

I’m sure that Meghan is so much more than what I talked about here (I’ve yet to see atleast an episode of her series maybe?) but can we just please talk about her minimalist style? Being a royal-to-be, I understand why people make a big deal out of her minimalistic outfits but maybe because although they’re anything but basic, they’re polished and fit for royalty. I quite like her penchant for nude shoes actually. :) At this point in my life, I’m actually considering having a minimalist wardrobe (but there’s just so much fear/ doubt in doing it, lol!) so for the sake of this post, here’s what I think one of my Meghan Markle moment inspired by her look last December for a Royal Christmas service. I mean, even the bag I once featured here looks similar to hers no? :P Do you also like the style of the soon Duchess of Sussex? :)

Hat: Aldo; Top: Zaful (here); Sunnies: Rosegal (here);
Skirt: Topshop; Bag: Rosegal (here)

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