Thursday, January 18, 2018

Siargao: The Sponsored Looks

Summer is approaching fast enough and you can just simply tell coz I still remember the cold spell this time last year. Oh well, climate change and such.

As for me, I like getting ahead of things so before all the people come flocking to the place because of the self-titled movie (which I must admit I haven't seen yet), I saw a window of opportunity to visit Siargao with a few friends on a budget. Since this is quite a sudden trip (it was booked 2 weeks before), I had to rely on reused items and quick delivery from my partners Rosegal/ Sammydress and Zaful and here's a preview of the with all the items linked.

We made the journey via a stopover at Cebu where my friend Roy is staying. Didn't hurt seeing the place again and getting cheaper fares from the queen city of the south. His place for work isn't bad either with this pool view. Do you still remember this white swimwear from last year? Linked.

taken at Be Resort in Mactan Cebu (see more of the product in this post)

Prior to this trip though, I was able to secure these accessories from Rosegal. They're the perfect beach companions to ensure you look chic by the shore.

Taken at Magpupongko Rock Formation

I didn't have time to shop for rashguards for this trip (or maybe because I was still thinking if it's practical to get one). But luckily, some of the sponsored gym clothing from Zaful and Sammydress are dual purpose. They served me well during surfing.
Taken at Talisay Beach (see more of this product in this post)

Of course, a beach trip wouldn't be complete without the dresses. Here's what I brought from Zaful.

Seems like 2.5 days wasn't enough in the island. Our flight back to Cebu was cancelled and luckily still got some extra 'fit to shoot. Like this swimwear that matched my sponsored skirt from Zaful. ;)

Taken at Cloud 9 Siargao (see more of this skirt here)

Lastly, remember this swimwear from last summer. I didn't get the chance to use for beachin' so yay! 

Taken at Naked Island. See more of this swimwear here

This nautical stripes bag from Sammydress also held all my important stuff for my airport looks. 

P.S. All styling are by yours truly. This post was made in collaboration with Rosegal, Sammydress and Zaful. You may use RosegalChenSammydressChen and ZafulChen to have additional 10%-20% off. :)

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