Thursday, January 25, 2018

#TrioThursday: Navy Blue and White

Warning: This post is a poor attempt to update this blog from an addled brain caused by a crazy traveling schedule that has just started today. Currently, blogging from my hotel room here in Jakarta for a business trip where I desperately tried to make the post in time for the hashtag's day but failed to do so. 

Some of the looks below are way back from 2016 but the point of this set is simple: this highlights how your navy and white items (breton striped top, a blazer or a ruched printed gingham top) can be accented with touch/es of red - even if it comes in the slightest form such as a lipstick shade. 💋

Will still try to come up with content in the coming week while being on another vacation (this time with family) but just in case it won't happen, you can always find me active in my social media. 😉

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