Friday, January 5, 2018

Tiny Cats

With a recent peeling procedure done on my face for "rejuvenation" purposes, I just know that this trend of itty bitty eyewear is more impractical to me than say, the next health-conscious stylemonger. But if you see them all the rage in streetstyles or from style icons themselves, Hadid sisters, they're just so hard to ignore. 

With some articles labeling them as "throwback essentials", these '90s-inspired cateye sunnies were shrunk to a tiny size and came coated with a range of colors as seen from the S/S 2018 catwalks. Are the tinted hues safe from eye fatigue though? 🤷Perhaps it's the reason why, the best way to wear them is to actually bring them down your eyes. That is to say, totally not covering your eyes. Haha! But in a totally cool way if you know what I mean...

All practicality aside, this trend is just too good to pass up. And if they come from a good price such as this red pair below from @sleekcollective, it can be fun to try one or maybe more? This just goes to show how sunglasses have been upgraded from UV-protecting accessories to essential statement making elements. This style is just expected to become even bigger in the coming months though so I shall miss the secretive stalking my oversized black sunnies affords me for some time... 😅

Dress/ Shoes: Mango; Hat: Rosegal; Bag: Merci Paris

Dress: Zaful; Earrings: Mango; Shoes: Rubi

Top/Bag/Shoes/Belt: Mango; Skirt: Unbranded

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