Thursday, October 5, 2017

#TrioThursdays: Fanny Pack

I admit, I used to find it as a dorky accessory (like something my uncle would wear) but I have to say you see things in  a different perspective especially if the reigning queen of fanny pack Kendall is always sporting it. Lol!

Once upon a light bulb moment, I found a way to DIY it using a regular hand/shoulder bag and a belt (that's not even totes matching in color) and I thought I should test drive the trend without spending anything. Here are the three ways I wore 'em below for today's hashtag post. The verdict? 

For someone like me who's always carrying the wold on her shoulders (literally with my gym stuff everyday), I could really do with having a separate hands-free bag to put all my fundamentals: cash, compact powder and my phone. The additional benefit? I love that it also doubles up as a cincher while making you look "hip" at the same time. :P Would you wear a fanny pack?

Dress: Dorothy Perkins; Bag/Belt: Mango

Top: Folded & Hung; Skit: Zara; Shoes: Keds; Bag/ Belt: Mango
Top/Skirt: Unbranded; Bag/ Belt: Mango

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