Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Pink Matters πŸŽ€

It may be the last day of October but as they say, late is better than never wearing pink for breast cancer awareness month. It’s not a cause that I am avidly in support of or what but feel that something that should be relevant personally to me because of my current medical condition.

Okay, I hope the last two words didn’t give you quite a scare but yeah for the last two years I believe I have been monitoring these cysts that I found in my both breasts. There’s nothing to worry for now but of course it’s something that I have to continuously work on and treat in the best ways/ methods that I know of. As always, prevention is better than cure and now you might understand why the dedication to an active lifestyle and healthy living. Nothing is guaranteed but your kind words of support/ understanding or knowledge sharing will always be appreciated. :)

And now to the outfit, here’s a simple chiffon dress I wore matched with this sponsored hat from Rosegal. The pink suitcase is a loved souvenir I got when I was in Paris. Coz I simply can’t leave the city without something distinctively one of the world’s fashion capital. ;)

Oh and just because I wasn't able to blog it last year, look what I found through Facebook's On This Day feature. :)

Dress: Mango
P.S. Use the code RosegalChen in your purchases to get additional discounts. :) Happy Shopping! 

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  1. Could you please tell me where the photos were taken..?? It all looks stunning:)