Thursday, August 11, 2016

Rainy Day Footwear

Three months ago I wrote this post about how your white sneakers aren't appropriate anymore in the coming months and I felt that it is my duty to give you, my dear readers (lol!), an advise on what to replace them. You're welcome. Haha! With the first tropical depression landing about a month after that and now down to third tropical storm Carina, I was pretty sure that I didn't feel much the impact of the wet season on my footwear selection until early this week when the rain was non-stop since Monday due to the southwest monsoon. Just when I have a themed outfit for a week, lol.

Of course, brilliant me never considered the weather forecast haha so I was left to make a quick decision on Monday morning. As usual, the very first consideration would be the footwear and everything should work around it. Thankfully, I just did a room cleaning and I was reminded of this shoe staple - the ankle boots!

Ankle boots though considered a "winter staple" may not come off as appropriate in our country. But I'm pretty sure that fashion girls have it when they travel to wintry countries so why not choose it as a replacement for your white sneakers this wet season? The key to get more mileage out of them is to choose ones with neutral colors. Black will always be a favorite. And if you really wanna make it rain-appropriate, choose styles in low heels.

In this post, I've already highlighted the types of boots that every woman should own from a style authority. Pointy ankle boots is one of them and seriously I never found walking in the rain in them so comfortable. :P I also love how this weather allows me to bring out more of my winter toppers like moto jacket. Take note ladies, this is also another topper that's always in style. :)

Jacket/ Skirt: Topshop; Bag/ Umbrella: Mango; Bag: Balenciaga

You can also choose one in brown since according to style experts it's gonna huge this fall so expect more of this hue soon. Yikes. It's my least favorite color. 

Cape: Mango; Dress/ Bag: Dorothy Perkins; Boots: Zara

Ha. On a rain-related caption for this. How about an LPA. Low Pressure Area? Nope. Leopard/ Pitch Black/ Ankle Boots. Hahaha!!! 

Vest/ Shoes: Mango; Dress/ Skirt: H&M

So there goes another, themed outfit for the week courtesy of the monsoon rains. Haha. But I'm off to sand, sea and sun next week so my supposedly planned outfit will have to wait. Yay! :)

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