Wednesday, August 3, 2016

3rd Wave Of Coffee

"Life's too short for bad coffee..."

Yardstick Coffee

I can't believe that I totally missed this roastery and their neighboring restaurant Your Local while I was still working at the building on the next block some two years ago! But then again, if I hadn't gotten myself into this Breakfast Project in Makati, I wouldn't know since I'm pretty sure I passed by this street couple of times before and thought they're just ordinary corporate buildings. Both of them don't carry any signs or something.

Stepping inside, I felt like I was in some kind of furniture shop or warehouse. It's pretty spacious and I love the natural lighting that floods from the windows. Very IG-friendly. :P Yardstick and The Curator below are part of the Third Wave of Coffee movement and to make things simple - it's simply coffee as culinary. Another characteristic of this movement is transparency so you can actually see your coffee prepared from the coffee machine right infront your very eyes or an actual experience of brewing your own as I've read in many blogs.

I love coffee and I usually like it paired with something. So as I was pretty hungry from the heavy traffic that rainy morning, I ordered their Barista's Breakfast with their Black Magic coffee (basically an Americano with chocolate syrup at the bottom). I loved my breakfast combo! :)

Top/ Hat: H&M; Pants: Unbranded; Shoes: Mango

Barista's Breakfast/ Black Magic Coffee

The Curator

For someone like me who's so helpless when it comes to maps, locating The Curator in that 7AM call time morning with friends is actually considered a mini feat. Haha. I was about to reach the end of Palanca street when thankfully I noticed their sign on a white board at the bottom of their door. It's almost as if they really wanna go undiscovered. :-/

Stepping inside makes you feel like you've entered someone's basement, a scientist maybe (?!?!) since the first thing that will catch your attention is that rack with what looks like chemicals in it. They even have their sweeteners served in test tubes mind you. On to your right though, you'll see the cocktail bar setup which just made me sad that I didn't get the chance to bring someone here before. :-/ They're included in the top list of obscure Makati bars for secret dates. Oh well...that's Curator for you - coffee shop by day and cocktail bar at night.

Dress: J Crew; Cardigan/ Shoes: Mango; Sunnies: Ray Ban

I like how their menu isn't so overwhelming with not so many options so I went for their "We Love Legaspi for Breakfast." And since I'm a coffee novice, I just simply had to rely for the barista's reco. What I read about their excellence in customer service is really true. The barista did explain to me a lot about this Dark Matter Theory Cappuccino (a crowd favorite) with a strong cacao taste. It was truly enjoyable but for someone like me who from time to time suffers from acid indigestion, I found it too strong and shamefully had to request for additional sweeteners.

We Love Legaspi Breakfast

I like how their ambiance is a bit of contrast to that of Yardstick. A dim breakfast setting for a change.

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