Friday, December 25, 2015

The Wedding Emcee

A wedding that took 9 months to prepare. Wow. Of course I know some other rushed weddings because of unexpected circumstances but this one is different. Having it scheduled on the 24th, I know it was tough but I’m so proud of my friends for pulling it off.  As a close friend helping out on the preps the night before the big day, I felt the stress that I had to joke and tell my friends that nobody should get married next year. Lol!

But my takeaway from the wedding? Seriously. If a guy really wants you, he would really work quickly to secure you. Haha! That’s how my guy friend worked. Lol! The wedding was far from perfect what with some vital parts missing but I felt the intimacy having been a part of the couple’s relationship that only started this year. And the most shocking part was, me emcee-ing the wedding. Yes, that really made it imperfect. Hahaha!!! I got a not bad comment from a friend though. I’m gonna be okay with that. J

Dress: Apple & Eve (also here); Skirt/ Bag: Mango (also here); Shoes: CMG

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