Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Safety Pin Style Hacks ;)

Once again, we interrupt your regular style programming to share with you the style benefits of using a drumroll please…. Safety pin! Haha! Seriously, they don’t all go missing in the gym for no reason! Atleast I can vouch for the female lockers, haha! Okay, in some branches in my gym where they don’t use the magnetic card, the locker keys have pins in it so members can easily attach them to any of their properties like towels and never forget them anywhere. That’s one practical use of it but not in styling. So…

When this article was released about it, I just simply felt the urge to share because first of all I like enumerations and lists. And funny, I’ve done 3/ 5 of their recommended use of safety pins. So let me highlight them in the post below.

1. Make your sweater figure-flattering. Without the safety pin, this sweater looks like this (7th image). 

Top: Bayo; Sweater/ Pants: Mango; Shoes: Chinese Laundry

2. Elongate a necklace. Yes, 100% guilty! I use mostly fancy statement necklaces to liven up my look and most of them could really use a little length to be emphasized more. Just make sure that the pins are safely hidden under the collar or your hair so as to not make them visible. ;)

Top: Cotton On; Skirt: Mango

3.Zip up tight boots. True story. This is the second to the last time I used this boots. :( The thing is, one time while zipping up the pull tab was removed so I had to use a safety pin to close the shoes. Needless to say, the shoe needs to be disposed but I gave it one last chance because I really need to create this Palermo look here (4th image). Haha! Check also my post about the five type of boots you'll ever need here. :)

Top: Bayo; Sweater: Mango; Shoes: Vincci; 

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