Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Trends to Retire in 2016

For someone who likes getting more mileage out of items in my closet (as documented in my favorite fashion app), it’s really sad seeing these forecasts.

While a lot of fashion websites made their own list, each different on their own, I’m sticking to my favorite fashion guide for this post. Not only did they narrow it down to three (THREE) items to retire (win, haha!), they also made a list of items to adopt for next year. Check it here.

Though I don’t necessarily agree with all of them, (I mean I’ve just blogged about neoprenes here *insert crying emoji*), but I’d have to agree that too much of a good thing is bad already. I guess I’ll just have to wait for them to be cool to wear again. On the positive side, I’ll make some space for others in my closet. my stubborn self insists that I can pull combos to make them cool again. Hahaha! 

Anyway, for you fashion girls hopping here, this is what the creative director of a trend forecasting company listed. Try to make positive use of this info in such a way that if you see these trends on sale, perhaps try saving instead for their list of items to adopt for next year. J

1. Peplum tops. I scrolled down my feed and noticed that it’s true that I haven’t worn them much lately.

Top: Mango; Skirt: The Ramp Crossings Shoes: Marks & Spencer

2. Neoprene skirt. Say it’s a temporary au revoir! But I really love this midi! *sigh*

Top: Apartment8; Skirt: Topshop; Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

3. High-Low Dresses. I have no qualms retiring this one. It was acquired on sale last year and I have maximized it’s full potential I believe. Okay, I still have one more plan for this. Haha!

Jacket: Topshop; Dress: H&M; Shoes: Adidas

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