Friday, October 2, 2015

The Black Skinny Trousers

It was heartbreaking. We’ve made so many good styling history together. A week after my US-Canada trip, I found out that my perfect pair of trousers disappeared. And the worst part is, I don’t really have a clue where I left it as the transpacific flight back home was all pretty much a blur to me. It was in my extra backpack as I intend to change outfit on the way back.

Apparently, there are some other things in life that I was able to relate this too. Finding someone who seemed to be “the one” – that perfect fit in your life – who filled you with visions of  "forever".  But to steal a line from Whitney, nothing is so good it lasts eternally. And then all of a sudden one day, poof! He’s gone, leaving you desperate, questioning yourself and finding out what went wrong.

Luckily since I’m not new to this, my acceptance came quickly. I knew what to do. So I carried on with my styling life and focused on some aspects worth looking at – a harem to explore here and ooh changing my idea about jeggings here (because who couldn’t resist this chambray one? Haha). Of course, however nice they are, there’s quite nothing like that long and slim black high waist trousers that fit my abnormally-shaped lower body perfectly.

But just when you’ve forgotten all about it, once upon a normal shopping routine, there it was! I must admit I had my doubts when I found it, I’ve never had a trouser from this brand ever. But if you open your heart to something new, life will reward you. They may not be of the same glossy quality but the importance is how it fits. I guess three months is enough to mourn the old pants, so I'm welcoming this new one in my life. Haha!

Here's the old pair:
Top: Topshop; Pants: Dorothy Perkins; Shoes: Miss Selfridge

Newest pair: :)
Top: Mango; Pants: H&M; Shoes: Miss Selfridge

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