Tuesday, October 20, 2015


October is breast cancer awareness month. You may have noticed hashtags like #FreeTheNipple and #NoBraDay in your social networking accounts. As I have mentioned in my post here, this is just like an ordinary day for me. But girls do know how confining cup cages can be and there’s nothing more liberating than removing them brassieres at the end of the day. Lucky me, I can get away with it. But there’s another reason why.

Early this year, I went for a mammography because of lumps inspected in my chest and thankfully they were found benign. Wearing underwires for me sometimes irritates the lumps so I really try my best to minimize wearing the undergarment as much as possible. Uhmm, baby bras are not an option. Haha! Numerous studies have confirmed no correlation between wearing a bra and the disease but somehow I feel that there should be more study devoted in here.

Now I am sharing styling tips on how do I get away from not wearing a bra. Please note that these tricks are based on member of team IBTC (aka team small-breasted) like me who primarily uses bra to just conceal ‘em nipples. If you have other functional uses for them like alleviating back pressures or keeping them from sagging, then these style alternatives might not work. ;)

1.   Layering. This cobalt blue top when worn is already enough of a concealer. Bonus points for it’s ala-mermaid cupping upper style that creates an illusion of chest volume. Hehe. :P

Dress: Unbranded; Top: Topshop; Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Necklace:Aldo; Sunnies: Unbranded

Top: Dorothy Perkins/ Topshop; Pants: Mango; Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

2. Ruffled necklines. Ruffles and flounces have been known to create an illusion of bigger breast. But these details are good cover-ups for them nips too. :)

Dress: Plains 'n Prints; Skirt: The Ramp Shoes: People R People

Blazer: Forever21; Top: Mango; Pants: Tomato; Shoes: Rubi
Bags: Zara and Primadonna; Sunnies: Unbranded

3.  Printed bustiers. For me, with or without underwire, bustiers are meant to be worn without bra. Lol. I also leverage on this high-low dress’ triangular cup style  below to skip wearing bra. :P I mostly pick printed ones so the dots aren't obvious. Hehe. :P

Top: Aeropostale; Vest: Mango; Pants: Topshop
Shoes: Zalora Bag: Marks & Spencer

Dress: H&M (also here); Vest/ Shoes: Mango

   Wishing you all ladies, FREEDOM from the restrictive clothing that is the bra! Haha! You can try to assess your situations and come up with styling tricks on your own. :)

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