Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Crop Top Layering

Early this year, we talked about resolutions whereupon I, a not so style expert (lol!), recommended exploring on a new color to try for this year. In that post, I featured this yellow sheath dress and now that we’re on to the last quarter of the year, I just wanted to revisit that dress. 

If you’re following fashion bloggers from the other side of the planet, they’re now updating their wardrobes that’s appropriate for their weather. Aaah, fall. Why don’t we have that season in PH? :P Numerous style sites are now advising you to part ways with trends from the summer. But then again, there are a few of them that you are just not ready to let go of - take the crop top for example. :P

Although we live in a perpetually summer country like PH, it doesn’t mean that we can’t update our styles that is somehow fall appropriate with all those layering techniques. ;) It do gets a little cold on this side of the planet on BER months too (though I’m still waiting for that, lol!). So for today’s gallery, allow me to revisit that dress mentioned above by layering it with some of my favorite crop tops. It's really amazing the mileage you get out of your dresses from layering noh? :)

Dress: Apartment8; Top: Topshop; Shoes: H&M; Bag: Charles & Keith

Dress: Apartment8; Top: H&M; Shoes: Dorothy Perkins; Bag: Mango

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