Thursday, July 13, 2017

FitnessFridays: W.O.W (White on White)

Admittedly, it’s one of those very controversial athleisure trend and something that I used to believe can only be pulled off by VS models who were often spotted wearing them. But I am obsessed with whites recently that I wanna test drive the trend on myself using the, cue the horrific expressions, white leggings. Lol!

As always for leggings, the top tip would have to be to pick high-waisted ones like this pair from Rosegal. It has mesh panels, a waist pocket and pleats for extra texture that would make it less unforgiving than plain ones haha! Glad that I also found a crop top from their sports selection that goes well with it. Both pieces have mesh inserts – a feature that I’m always on the lookout for in sportswear for breathability purposes. Overall, I think I was able to give justice to the whole look but of course the final judgment would have to be how it delivers in a sweaty workout situation because if not, then why would I wear it in the gym in the first place? :P

I did a few sample workouts with my friend in the bike, around the machines and yoga poses at Anytime Fitness Eton tower where I teach dance classes (shameless plug but you’re welcome to visit, lol!) and I’m happy about their performance. It’s not the first that I’ve tried sportswear from this group of brands (see here) and the level of support they give per movement and stretchability in the fabric is constant. It’s really WOW for a W.O.W (white on white, that is haha!) If you wanna snag for yourself any of the items worn here, links are provided below. PLUS, you can use the code RosegalChen to get further discounts. :)

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