Thursday, July 27, 2017

#FitnessFridays: When Sportswear Meets Streetwear

You know just how relevant athleisure is when designers try to incorporate huge fashion trends even in activewear. Take for example my Zaful sports picks below featuring the still going strong (and forever favorite if I may add) shoulder-baring trend and lace-up details.

Sure, comfort over style may not always be my motto in most aspect of my dressing (lol!) but it's different when I'm in the gym now that I'm a group exercise instructor. Shheesssh. So when the bestie was worried whether the top would hinder my activities it being an off-shoulder cut, there was only one way to answer. Last Sunday, I used the pair for an hour of dance workout on stage. I was actually more worried about the lace part of the capri since it might untie while dancing.

And of course once again, Zaful passed the test of making activewear that are durable but within a good budget. The straps on the top still holds the sleeves like a tee so you can raise your arms without being restricted while the ties of the capri stayed all throughout the session. And just so you know, I'm one of the most jumpy instructors on stage. HAHAHA!!! So, if you're on the lookout for some quality gym outfits but on a good budget, you may check out the links below. Use the code ZAFULSALES1 to get additional discount for every $50 purchase. Happy shopping :)

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