Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Cleaning

It’s springtime and with a weather change comes the need for a wardrobe shift. Haha, yeah believe that from a girl who hails from a tropical country with only dry and wet season. Lol! But hey, this advice came from the experts themselves and I’ve their list of items to chuck out for spring so I figured I post them here last time before they render themselves unusable for the following months. J

If you’re new to this site you might be wondering why I have these winter items. Lol. It’s simple. I love myself a colder weather - winter fashion, layering and all that stuff so I make sure to travel to colder places when possible and try to wear them as much as possible if the weather permits here (read: rainy season). Lol! So here goes the list and the recommended replacements:

1. Heavy Coats. Denim jackets would be a good substitute.

Coat: Unbranded; Dress: Dorothy Perkins; Shoes: CMG; Bag: Mango

2. Chunky Knits. Replace them with lightweight sweaters.

Vest: Mango; Dress: Terra Nova; Top: Mango Shoes: H&M

3. Over the Knee Boots. Still trying to convince myself to hop into the mules bandwagon. :-/

Coat: Unbranded; Top/ Pants: H&M; Shoes: Chinese Laundry

4. Blanket Scarves. Replace with silk scarves.
Outerwear: Unbranded; Skirt: Asos; Shoes: H&M

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