Thursday, March 17, 2016

Improvised Chokers

 Trends do come and go. I always get this reminder when my Tita would often tell me “Nauso din yan dati” when she sees me sporting something that’s reminiscent of the trend in her glory days. Hehe. An old maid in her 60s, I can tell that she’s seen so much. So you can just understand the “ancient feels” I got when I saw this trend coming back from the 90’s – the choker.

Not that I was already fashion conscious then. But it’s one of those trends that you can easily participate as a kid because the cheap plastic tattoo ones are available at school and you can purchase even without asking your parents’ permission. :P I did a quick research about the history of chokers and it’s fascinating how it’s been on since the 1800s and used for different purposes. There’s no fixed identification for different eras though– it can go as low as a uniform prostitutes in the 1860s or an elite marker in the late 1800s.

In my interpretation, this trend is a continuation of the neck scarf trend that I posted here. And if it is anything affordable like that, of course you can always count me in. :P But what’s better is participating in the trend without me shelling out something from my wallet. How?

In the first look below, I actually used the cloth belt of my jumpsuit and wore it in my neck. Come to think of it, that’s the only time I used it since I always remove it from the suit itself. :P  In the second look though, I was actually using a black rubber headband.  There are so many resources to use to jump into the bandwagon without actually buying.  How would you improvise yours? J

Jumpsuit: Topshop; Belt/ Bag: Mango; Shoes: H&M

Vest/ Trousers/ Bag: Mango; Bustier: Topshop; Shoes: CMG

Blazer: Forever21; Top: Penshoppe; Pants: H&M; Shoes: Marks & Spencer

Top: Unbranded; Pants/ Bag/ Sunnies: Mango; Shoes: CMG

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