Thursday, March 3, 2016

Art Fair PH

A visual treat that's worth two floors of parking lot at The Link in the recently held Art Fair PH may be too overwhelming specially for a novice gallery visitor like me. It's sad that I only started to appreciate going to art museums when I started studying Fashion Styling. But what is it they say again? That art is supposed to make you feel something. So guided with that, here are my top 3 best displays from the recently held exhibit.

1. An Instagram favorite. Mark Justiniani's Infinity series. Mind-blowing. Find it here.

2. Fair Isle 59°41’20.0”N 2°36’23.0”W. A slow motion HD loop of a spot in the Atlantic Ocean. I wasn't sure if it's the same thing I saw in Singapore Art Museum but something about the placement of the display at The Link is off as I believe it's supposed to be a contemplative experience looking at it. I would suggest for it to be in a separate room or something. :-/

3. Cuckoo Sanctuary feat Jetro Rafael of Van Gogh is Bipolar. You enter the booth from a wardrobe (Narnia feels!) and it reflects the art of the artist who's restaurant made me want to visit soon after seeing his work. Guess I'll just elaborate it after the dining experience. 

I guess it's not too late to enhance one's knowledge and appreciation for art. So here's to more museum visits in the future. :)

For this outfit, I wore my cardigan as a top and used a jumpsuit cloth belt here as a choker necklace.

Cardigan (Blouse)/ Skirt: Topshop; Shoes: H&M; Bag: Guess

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