Sunday, February 21, 2016

Red and Blue Mono

Though I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, there’s something fun about wearing red on the love week itself. And to make things grander, why not go on a full monochrome mode? Lol. A screaming red on red on red as if your heart is bursting with so much passion and love for somebody. Yep, that’s what I did. It didn’t really feel cheesy at all.

Blazer: Mango; Top: Apartment8 clothing (see also here); Skirt: Bugis market in SG

But it turns out, according to a survey that Red or Pink is out for this year. A Rent the Runway study reveals that 70% of orders from this store on Valentine’s week have reflected dresses in other colors such as green and blue. It didn’t really say what particular reason though we all know as I’ve pointed out before that red does increase your attractive quotient. But in any case, I’ve got a mono look in blue here too since we’re talking about other colors, haha!

Dress: Dorothy Perkins (also here); Shoes: Zalora PH; Bag: Mango

In another post here, I highlighted the benefits of wearing monochrome. I believe in both two looks above, the key is to vary the texture. It’s in my footwear for both looks. Btw, I wore both on the same Valentine's week (pre- and post) =)

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