Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Project Makati

Finally, this "creative" project of mine has kicked off. It’s been a vision ever since for this blog. To do outdoor shoots that is. Sayang kasi ang outfit! Lol!  No, what I’m saying is justice is served in the outfits when shot in the open, agree? There’s sunshine, there’s a backdrop and trust me there really are nice backdrops.

Coz this is what me and my friend/ co-fashion blogger John realized while doing this project 30 minutes after a quick lunch during workdays - that there are still unexplored areas here within Makati that’s *“Pak” for photography. Not that we’re saying we’re professional ones. To be honest, we’re just armed with a Go Pro and iPhones

So for the first venue, we’ll take you to this park that’s just *“one tumbling” away from our building – Ayala Triangle Gardens. Haha! It takes a certain nerve being seen by other people while shooting though but as John would always tell me, *“Derma!”.

*Pak! A common gay expression to denote high impact! Haha!
One tumbling or isang tumbling in gay lingo means the place is so close, you can just do a cartwheel and get there.
Derma or Deadma. Means to ignore what everybody is saying or thinking. It’s a close association to a “beauty” term dermatology. Lol.

Dress: Apartment8 (also here); Skirt: Topshop (also here); Shoes: Call It Spring
Belt/ Wallet: Mango

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