Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Red Tag

That awkward moment when you’ve been pronouncing a brand name all wrong. There have been numerous Youtube tutorials in saying designer names but never about Zara or you mean dzah-dah. What?!?!

As a brand that is based in Spain, turns out that Zs should be pronounced with a soft ‘th’ and Rs most closely to Ds. Here’s a video about how to pronounce it correctly.

Somebody might just consider it a fun fact but in my recent trips, I couldn’t stress enough the need for proper pronunciations when speaking to locals. There was a time when an old man (who started talking me up on a bus from Boston to New York) couldn’t understand me when I said “Newark” coz I apparently was pronouncing it wrong. He even taught me the correct way. And I pride myself an English tutor. *facepalm* So the next time you’re in Spain, you might consider pronouncing Zara the correct way. *wink*

Anyway, here’s a favorite and fun purchase of mine from Zara last year. A red tag. It’s always fun looking out for these tags in their outlets because their price somehow make me feel like I scored them on sale. Haha. The dress is also seen hereJ

Dress: Zara; Shoes: Miss Selfridge; Necklace: Juicy Couture

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