Friday, January 15, 2016

Sheer Back

I don't really subscribe to the notion of finding "the One" in a bar. But it doesn't hurt to enjoy the night and music with friends (atleast that's my purpose of coming *wink*) in a feel-good outfit, does it? This post listed the tricks for someone to stand out in a bar and I sure have applied trick #1 in the past. That is, to wear a top with an interesting back to get noticed.

For me, it's just a way of balancing things. I don't have anything to show infront so I let my back do the talking. :P Admittedly, I don't often go to the bar but the tops give me an excuse to let loose sometimes. :) I have to atleast put a disclaimer here that it didn't work for me 'coz I'm done meeting guys in bars but don't forget to check the said link for all the other surefire tricks that may apply. ;)

Top: Sirens; Pants: H&M; Clutch/ Shoes: Mango

Top/ Shoes: H&M; Shorts: Tomato

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