Friday, January 22, 2016

Genting Highlands (for work)

Don’t be misled. Yes, pictures were taken in Genting Highlands in Malaysia but I was confined within the hotel only as it was a business conference for 2 days. And yes, people might misinterpret my personal posts as not appropriate but I just want to say I did my job nailed my presentation and my boss was happy. So, puhr-lease?!?!

I’ve never been to this part of KL but the name of the place is already very suggestive of what to expect. Tthink Tagaytay or Baguio back in PH and the links will show you what I wore on my recent visits there. So I packed a trench coat and my lace-up flats for a change for lite-packing purposes. Wow, I just dropped two bombs in there. Flats and light packing that is not typically Cassey, haha. But sorry to say Victoria Beckham, I can concentrate in flats. Lol!

Yes, the 30k allowance gives me freedom to choose three of my fiercest pumps per day specially that I’m delivering a presentation to the clients but for some reason I have found a way to “re-use” items for this trip and pull different looks. The lace-up flats is something new as well and I want to make the most out of it – atleast here in KL. Check out the 3-day looks below. J

Dress: Plains 'n Prints; Belt: Mango; Shoes: Zalora PH

Dress: Zara; Shoes: Zalora PH

Jumpsuit: Topshop; Belt: Mango; Shoes: Zalora PH

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