Friday, January 8, 2016

Gorgeous Blue

Normally, I don’t pay attention to beauty pageants. When everybody in the Philippines was tuned in to Miss Universe last month, there I was on my desk working on my emcee script for my friend’s wedding. Haha.  But you really can't escape all the funny memes in your wall about the pageant's controversy, can you?

Okay, usually I would just hear the answer after the competition is over to check for substance and that’s it. And for our representatives, how she speaks in English. Sorry, chalk it to the English tutor in me and some embarrassing local pageants situation here in the past. I don’t care about the rest because I’m not really in favor of women objectification.

Having said that, I don't have anything against women who join these pageants. As a matter of a fact, Pia has just won my affection especially the way she handled the whole debacle. This win has surely brought a new light to how us Filipinos are viewed around the world. I’m sure that there are some other skills acquired in joining traditional beauty pageants like body discipline, self-confidence etc. but still, I’d rather see young women compete and get rewarded for activities that aren’t 80% appearance and 20% skills. ;)

So. A few days prior to the competition, I wore this blue dress and captioned it Miss U because of the bouquet I was holding (for the pics only). Everybody was talking about the competition then and it was just my silly little way of joining the hype. Who would’ve thought Pia would win in her infamous blue gown? I think in a way I was kind of predicting the win, no? Haha! Sorry I just didn’t have any other way to blab this. :P Congratulations to Pia Wurtzback though. She really did us proud. :)

Dress: Dorothy Perkins; Shoes: Miss Selfridge

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