Sunday, September 20, 2015

WearToday, a Fashion App

Tech is in vogue really. You’ll know it when reality stars attend technical conference (seriously, Kim K at a Tech Disrupt?) or fashion influencers like Alexa Chung launch their very own fashion app. There’s also some of your designers throwing their hats in the tech ring – I’m talking wearables. So for someone like me who works in the tech world and is fashion-obsessed, it is a good thing. For today’s post, allow me to talk about my favorite fashion app in the store – WearToday.

WearToday – the daily diary of the creatively dressed. You can already deduce what this app is all about from the blurb. It’s a photo-sharing app and its advantage over Instagram is that it is plainly focused on the outfit and not what else is inside the square. ;-) What I appreciate the most about this is the tagging of the items in your outfit and see the very many ways you styled a certain piece. Well atleast, that won me over since I’m totally living this “be ruthlessly eclectic”  quote. Lol. So far I think I've succeeded for a year without repeating the same combination for a certain clothing. I'd like to think that it's because of uhmm my creativity and not something else aka excessive things. Yaaay!

I am going to feature this lime umbrella skirt of mine and highlight as always, three ways to wear it below. To say that this is a versatile piece is an understatement. If you download the app and click on this piece, of course you'll find more than the three ways I wore it. It's already featured here, here and here. It's such a surprise considering its not so common color. :) It's like a new neutral. :P So I hope you enjoy the gallery below and see you in WearToday. ;-) 

Top: Mango; Skirt: The Ramp; Shoes: Marks & Spencer
Sunnies/Bangles: Unbranded; Choker: Zara

Dress/ Shoes: Dorothy Perkins; Skirt: The Ramp; Clutch: Mango

Dress: Mango; Skirt: The Ramp; Shoes: Miss Selfridge
Sunnies: Unbranded; Necklace: 

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