Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fashion Meets Tinder

Since last time we touched on fashion apps, today let's talk about dating apps - Tinder to be specific. What has that got to do with fashion? Nothing. Haha. But what happens when a fashion girl uses that crowdsourcing tool to pick the brains of guys on a certain trend? Hilarity ensues. Haha!

Before anything else, let me clear that I did not carry this social experiment myself. An editor of posted the article here using a simple poll on his matches - "What are your thoughts on culottes?" I painstakingly typed some of the guy's responses here since I want the photos in this blog to be purely about looks (I hope you understand). You can always click on the link to check the screenshots. :)

Jimmy here quoted a Britney Spears song in his response, haha!
Jimmy: It’s just, they’re not a girl – not yet a woman type of pants. Not shorts, nor pants. They’re stuck in the twilight zone of pants, waiting for the breakthrough that never comes…

I am loving Jahnu’s cheerleader moves here. Oooh, I think that I’ve found myself a cheerleader. Haha!
Jahnu: I like the look. Though I wouldn’t say I’m a head cheer leader for culottes. Maybe a back-up cheer, if that exists. A half a handstand, a quick pompom shaking and one ‘Rah’ and cheer.

James, in the meantime, is freaking out on this fashion opinion and wants to be in the safe side. =))
James: First of all, I think it’s a big ask to ask any guy for an opinion on fashion. We probably have a view on what clothes look like on girls but not standalone items. Secondly, I had to Google it – certainly don’t want to jump to a conclusion, especially if you’re going to be quoting me in a fashion mag…

Next to the most hilarious answers are the sans-culottes answers.  Like Alex’s below, hahaha!! You gotta give him props though for the links and all. HAHAHAHA!!!

Alex: Aesthetically I don’t have much of an opinion, but politically I would say I align strongly with the sans-culottes folk. http://

But the best part would be the flirty answers like Dennis':
Dennis: Hm. I think they are cute on the right person. Anyone that can pull them off. I feel like you could. ;)

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Okay, the sans-culottes answers were good trivia for history (lol!) but if you are a guy reading this and wants to know what a culotte really is, let the gallery below educate you. I have already posted similar articles (here and here) too if you're interested. :)

Top: Zara; Pants: Topshop; Shoes: Unbranded
Necklace: Accessorize

Vest: Forever21; Pants: Topshop; Shoes: Rubi
Belt: Mango; 

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