Monday, January 5, 2015

Minnie Mouse

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to give way to this fun and quirky #ootd last week. =P

Polka dots. Only recently did I find out that wearing polka dots on NYE is something unique to the Philippines. I mean, all this time I thought it is being done all around the world or at the very least shared with some other cultures. I was pretty sure earlier it had some Chinese origins. Lol. And my research just verified to me that other countries have their unique ways of ringing in the new year too. So to my foreign readers, wearing something with a round print according to the tradition signifies prosperity. This also includes serving round-shaped fruits and foods at the table since the circle shape is associated to coins and wealth.

Well, a different outfit was chosen for NYE as seen here. But I thought maybe it wasn't late to wear it 2 days after? Though I was pretty sure it's already past January 1 for the last country to welcome the new year by then. Haha! And to add some fun, I used this Minnie headband I got from years back. Hmm, I wonder what that headband is supposed to mean for 2015? A whole lotta fun new year? Well, I definitely hope so. =)

Headwear: Unbranded
Dress: Elle
Shoes: Topshop
Bag: Jatujak Market

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